Does American Sign Language Have Accents?

American Sign Language has a rich history in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Before Europeans arrived in North America, indigenous peoples created sign languages to interact with their Deaf and Hard of hearing (Deaf/HoH) members. In contrast, American Sign Language (ASL) traces its ancestry back to the 19th century in France. And like any […]

Learn American Sign Language and Unleash Your Potential While Exploring Careers 

Learn American Sign Language and Unleash Your Potential If you’re planning to learn American Sign Language (ASL),  you’re part of a growing trend. The use of sign language is becoming increasingly common around the world. More and more people are employing the language as a communication tool or studying it as an academic subject. In […]

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Giving a Shout-Out to ASL Interpreters Will Make You Want to Learn ASL

A great deal of time and energy goes into making the concert-going experience enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Recently, Hyunjin, the lead dancer and rapper for the South Korean boy band Stray Kids, thanked some of the people who make this possible – talented and dedicated ASL interpreters. While Inspiring More People to Learn ASL, Sign language Interpreters Make […]

Husband Refused to Translate and It Shows How Important it is to Learn ASL

  Learning a new language can be a fascinating and valuable activity for many people to undertake. And in today’s increasingly interrelated world, proficiency in more than one language is a critical skill that provides the chance to engage with others in a deeper and more meaningful way. This is true both for interactions in […]

How ‘Craig of the Creek’ Will Inspire Everyone, Even Kids, to Learn ASL Online

  A famous cartoon on the Cartoon Network recently highlighted the vital importance of Black American Sign Language in our society. It could also inspire many children and adults to learn ASL online. A Children’s Cartoon Series Enlarges the Scope of Its Stories to Become More Inclusive Craig of the Creek is an Emmy, GLAAD, and […]