Alexander Graham Bell

August 9, 2017
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By: Hanna England (09/15/16)

My favorite person from Deaf History is Alexander Graham Bell. Graham was born on March 3, 1847, and later died on August 2, of 1922.  Although Bell is mainly known for his invention of the telephone, he also is known as the father of oralism in Deaf history. Alexander grew up with a deaf mother, and a father who was centered on deaf education. His father developed an alphabet known as the “Visible Speech.”

Bell’s main interest in his life was deaf education. For most of his life, Alexander studied the physiology of speech.  Later on, Bell started teaching the alphabet, invented by his father, to deaf students. He then opened a school that would educate teachers on how to teach deaf children.

Years later in 1884, “Upon the Formation of a Deaf Variety of the Human Race” was put into the world, it was about how the deaf community was rising. They were becoming a society of their own, they were communicating with each other and socializing with each other.

As Brain Greenwald stated, “Society in general views Alexander Graham Bell as an American hero, as the inventor of the telephone. He was famous, wealthy, and influential. His own Mother was deaf. He was always associating with the Deaf community and he was a teacher of deaf children. He had his own day school in Boston. He was very familiar with the Deaf world.” Alexander Graham bell was most importantly known as the inventor of the telephone, however being less known for aiding the deaf community, which was also one of his main accomplishments. Bell was a strong influence on the deaf community.