Alexander Graham Bell

October 26, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Kathleen Sweeney (12/07/2016)

My favorite contributor to the deaf community is Alexander Graham Bell. Bell’s work was highly influenced by his wife and mother being deaf. He is most known for his invention of the telephone.  Bell’s central interest lied in deaf education and teaching.

His father was a researcher of speech and he too took interest in the physiology of speech. Bell utilized his fathers method called “visible speech” to teach deaf students.

Bell also published a paper analyzing the culture of the deaf community. He expressed that deaf people often socialized together, within the community. He was an extreme supporter of oralism and believed the speech was the superior way for dead individuals to thrive.

Later on, Graham expressed the universal language for the deaf community was established and should be recognized. Later on the use of sign in the classroom became more prevalent and was known as the “natural language” for individuals who are deaf.