The Best Deaf Dating Sites

There are so many deaf dating sites available on the internet that it can be difficult to find the right one.

Most deaf dating sites cater to deaf and hard of hearing people, so if you are a hearing ASL student, you should look into these sites further to find one where you might fit in.

Here is a simple breakdown of the best deaf dating websites out there: is “the best and largest dating service in the world for single Deaf, ASL and HOH. Offers chat, free wink, email, photo profiles, message boards and more.”

Deaf Singles Connection

Deaf Singles Connection, “is a singles online community dedicated to helping men and women meet other singles in a comfortable online environment. Our personals community is a source for creating relationships ranging from companionship to friendship, romance to marriage. Singles enjoy chat rooms, message boards, photo personals, a photo gallery, anonymous private mailboxes, and much more.”

Deaf Passions

Deaf Passions is “a 100% free online deaf dating & social networking site for meeting Deaf Singles, and Hard of Hearing Singles. Sign up now to enjoy free deaf chat, message boards & email.”

ASL Singles

ASL Singles “provides a comfortable platform for deaf or hearing impaired people to find friendship, romance and love. Here you can find thousands who use American Sign Language and, who share your values and life experiences. Develop a long lasting relationship. A potential friend or partner for life is waiting for you!”


  1. Marco Polo

    I have tried a couple of dating sites that are for deaf for free because I feared I would have to pay for nothing. Unfortunately, no female showed interests in those dating sites. Besides that, I feel those paying sites are at disavandages such as you have to pay at your own risk because of scammers, and players and backstabbers (people you know are on there as well and they gossip or destroy your chance to have relationships which did happened to me before by a local Deaf man who is so stupid to destroy people’s relationships!). Second of all, Deaf community is so small and most likely they end up marrying someone from own school they went to. I noticed that pattern. I am 52 now so I know for 30 to 40 years now.

    Third problem is that Deaf people can not afford anything else, they have hearing aid, cable in order to have VR, and cell phone, and many more living expenses than a hearing person can have. Therefore, it should be free sites. So, in a way, I am doing a silent protest against all paid dating sites. It is a rip off. Another thing, if they have Filipinas on their sites, they can not contact men at all because you have to pay for it! And it is a violation of Anti-Mail Order Bride Act law in the Philippines that forbid any paid sites forcing Filipinas to pay. You are not supposed to have them to pay. The loophole is, they do allow women to contact men if the men advertise. How can those women get in touch with foreign men? This is why I do not like paid sites. I end up using non-deaf sites and I have no success with a Deaf woman or at least a CODP (I prefer that than CODA because it makes more sense. P stands for Parent(s)).

  2. Patricia Veilleux

    I’m a single natural girl, I’ve been through a lot, I want to find that person that I have a real connection with someone who is ready to settle down and be a family, if I think you’re playing games I will say something to you. If you’re ready to settle down and try and see where our relationship goes with a single genuine girl I would love to hear from you…. 415-594-5250 text only.

    1. Marco Polo

      Hi Patricia. How are you? I dont like texting but do you have skype, hangouts, FB? We can chat in sign language. And get to know each other and I like to get married as well and have babies. Talk to you soon!?

  3. Nalanie

    I have a hearing impaired niece who is 27. She seems to feel that she will forever be alone. Socially she is not able to fully get involved in conversations which has created a barrier of entry for her in dating circles or just in engaging to make friends with the hearing. As this community is not catered for in the work environment and on social platforms given the predators out there, perhaps a recommendation will help us, her family, in facilitating interactions.

    1. Michelle Jay

      Hi Nalanie, If your niece feels that she doesn’t fit in with the hearing community, I wholeheartedly recommend she try learning ASL and getting involved with her local Deaf community. Many deaf and hard of hearing people find they fit in much more comfortably with this community and are able to form much more tenable relationships.

    2. Jess bird

      My brother is exactly the same! We live in a small town so there is literally no one else that is deaf except him, he doesn’t do well socially so the friends that he did have eventually gave up because it was too hard for them, he’s 22 turning 23 soon, I’d love to try and see if your niece would like to get in contact with him? maybe it could start an amazing friendship and could go both of them good

    3. Marco Polo

      Hi Nalanie, I am reading 11 month old comment from you on here. I am not sure if you already have taken action for your 27 years old niece who is single and you have not said anything about her knowing sign language. Does she already know signs? What is her skill level like? You see why I am asking is because Deaf people have different intelligent capabilities and skills. They say for Deaf people is 3rd grade average! I am in college level although do not like college. A whole another story. Anyway, for your niece, she needs to learn sign language.

      Does she has a social worker? Try your local association for the Deaf or Hearing Impaired in your town or one of those independent living centers that have services for people with Disabilities that they can help her social and living independent skills. Also check your state vocational rehabilitation office that they can set up her as a client for employment, living assistance, etc. and will be able to tell you where she can go for help. For employment, check one-stop career center and help her find a job. Her parents are not going to be around forever and they will want retirement enjoying Florida sun or go RVing along on Route 66 or whatever.

      If you have any questions, please contact me in my inbox and I will be happy to help. I am Deaf and highly skilled in ASL and in Central American Sign Language as well as fluent in several speaking languages. I was born HOH so I understand both worlds.

    1. PtasnicAnatolie

      Good day Deanna how are you doing today , am so happy to find some one like you i will like you to add me up on my facebook Ptasnic Anatolie so we can talk more about our self thanks

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