Favorite Deaf Person

March 23, 2016
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by Triniti


Helen Keller is my personal favorite deaf person. I was completely astounded when I heard her story. As a second or third grader, I simply couldn’t imagine not being able to see or hear. She is to this day my idol, and one of the many reasons that I have continued to learn sign language, even after my mom stopped teaching me. She reached her goals despite her “disabilities”, and never let anything get in her way. She stopped at nothing to ensure that she would make an impact on the world. She ended up being a public “speaker”, which makes her even more admirable. She has taught me to follow my dreams no matter what anyone says or thinks of you. She spread the message that no matter who you are, where you came from, or how you grew up, you can make a difference and be somebody important. She gives hope to the people that don’t have any, even when she is blind and deaf, which would have made almost anyone else give up on all hope. But not Helen Keller, She spent her days learning as well as teaching. She had to learn to read and write a difficult way, but she took the time out to tell everyone that it doesn’t matter if you have an impairment. Just set your mind to a goal, and you can do anything. This is why Helen Keller is my favorite deaf person.


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