Lead Education Coordinator

Position Type: Part Time

The Lead Education Coordinator’s mission is to provide exceptional support to our online American Sign Language students throughout their language learning journey in all facets of our communication that is better than any in-person class in order to gain and retain students to course completion.

1. Be the lead online course support person for our students to increase online course completion rates to at least 40% within one year

  • Must complete our Online Course within three months of hiring to be fully familiar with the curriculum and current student support.
  • Grade student assignment submissions and provide valuable feedback on signing assignments within three days of submission.
  • Provide verified completion certificates and grade reports for students within 48 hours of request.
  • Find and contact five students every week who have not made progress in the course for one month and provide support to get them back on track.

2. Lead the student Slack community to improve student communication/involvement and increase student retention to five months within one year.

  • Always be logged into the student Slack community during work hours to engage and communicate with active students and colleagues.
  • Lead a one-hour Q&A video and/or text chat in the student Slack community once per week at varying evening times.
  • Seed course, ASL, and Deaf community-related discussions twice per week in the student Slack community.
  • Match up each student with a practice partner in the Slack community within five days of joining.
  • Add/remove members from the student Slack community within 24 hours of membership change.

3. Be the main point of contact for all course, ASL, and Deaf community related questions

  • Answer all ASL and Deaf community related questions within 48 hours of receipt and assign all other questions within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Moderate and/or answer all website and Facebook comments and messages within 48 hours of receipt.
  • May need to be able to answer student customer service telephone calls.

4. Be an active member of the Deaf community both on- and offline in order to be an effective liaison between the Deaf community and our students to keep our students updated and involved.

  • Write at least one valuable article (at least 500 words) per month for the website on a relevant or interesting ASL or Deaf community related topic.
  • Lead an online workshop once per quarter.
  • Share/post relevant ASL and Deaf community current events on the Facebook page at least twice per week.
  • Find and post at least two Deaf or ASL events per week on our Deaf Events post and on our Facebook page.
  • Create the Start ASL online newsletter once per month including at least three recent ASL and/or Deaf community related news stories as well as videos, tips, jokes, vocabulary, website updates, and any other relevant information for our students.
  • Complete an internet search once per month to find and share any articles/mentions of Start ASL or Start ASL products.

Required Skills:

  • Fluent in American Sign Language and English,
  • Excellent online social and communication skills,
  • Able to learn to quickly and efficiently use WordPress and other online tools,
  • Able to effectively communicate with patience and integrity,
  • Strong customer service mentality,
  • Excellent self-management skills,
  • Able to work independently and decisively.

Our company culture values independence, a strong customer service mentality, efficiency, integrity, personability, enthusiasm, and personal and company growth.

Please send resume and cover letter to: by April 23, 2018.

Start ASL is part of a registered limited liability company in the state of California. We adhere to all state labor laws and are an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate against age, race, religion, disabilities or gender.