Learn Sign Language Free: ASL 3 – Unit 5 Sample

In this unit sample as you learn sign language free, you will be learning how to give information.

Giving Information

When presenting facts, there are certain structures you can use in ASL. You would use these for fractions, percentages, parts, comparisons, lists, rankings, facts, etc.

The sentence structures described in ASL 2 are the best for sharing facts and other interesting information–topicalization, rhetorical questions, and conditionals. Also, body shifting and ranking on your non-dominant hand are more ways to share information.


Combining the signs HIGH, LARGE, LONG, and OLD with the sign MOST will create the words HIGHEST, LARGEST, LONGEST, and OLDEST. Our signer will demonstrate these examples in the video below. The sign MOST can also be used in combination with other signs like SMART, EASY, POOR, SMALL, etc. You can also combine these signs with a smaller version of the sign MOST (the sign BETTER) to create HIGHER, LARGER, LONGER, OLDER, etc.

Giving Information Examples

You can watch examples of how to give information in our full course.

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