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March 8, 2013
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by Kelly

(Clearwater florida)

I cant explain how it works so well but I would like to explain how it worked for me. My husband is deaf so we decided to teach my little lilypad how to sign.

Before My little girl could even talk she was signing. Now she can sign better than me, and I have been married to him for two years, she is only five.

In her first year of kindergarten the school she was attending taped her show and tell time. The amazing thing my little girl did seemed so incredible at the time, usually at the school they have interpreters.

But my daughter instead was signing as she talked about her favorite stuffed animal. Now 2 months later she helps the hearing inpaired in her class to understand what the teacher says.

Not only does this teach her vocabulary but it helps her learn at a much younger age words that most young children don’t know. If she can’t explain something using her words she can sign it.

A lot of people may say that it’s better to be able to speak everything, and I used to agree. But now my Lilypad can speak to me at a 10 or 11 year old level while she is only five and she uses signing. I sugest teaching it to your young because it really can help in the future. If nothing else they will have a larger vocabulary guaranteed.

Thank you for reading I appreciate it. I hope this helps you 😀


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