Newly Diagnosed And Feeling Isolated

by Sophie Douglas

(Farmington, CT, USA)

I’m stuck between the hearing and the hard of hearing. Because I wasn’t diagnosed until recently at age 50, people think I’m too absorbed in dealing with it, just seeking attention. All I would like from people is to understand that this is a huge experience for me. It won’t be forever that I will be adjusting to my hearing aids, but this will always be a part of who I am. I’ve had moderate/severe hearing loss all my life but it was never diagnosed so I thought everyone heard the way I do. Now that I finally know the truth, my life is not sad for what I don’t hear, but full of joy for knowing the truth. All the things that weren’t quite right in my life, I attributed to everything except hearing loss. It was obvious I had some hearing loss, but I didn’t expect it to be at a significant level. I’m very happy and lucky to have hearing aids now, and the ability to connect with the world so much better. I’m just plagued by a lot of people’s attitudes that I’m too “into” the hearing loss issue and everything about it. So, please, a little understanding.


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