Talking With Your Hands Listening With Your Eyes

December 8, 2012
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by Kristin McGinnis

(California, US)

I added this to my materials for my ASL 1/2 class. The book itself is set up in logical chapters with short articles interwoven throughout. What I really like is that they not only have the “master” word, but other words that have the same meaning, which cuts down a bit on my trying to think of every sign that may be available. Also, it has games that are applicable for multiple grade levels. Good addition!

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Talking With Your Hands Listening With Your Eyes by Gabriel Grayson

by Rebecca Wenger

(PA, US)

Do you need help in your American Sign Language skills? You’ll find it here. Of any of the ASL products that I’ve used, this one continues to be the first that I reach for when studying. Its vast collection includes a complete guide to American Sign Language. You’ll find many articles ranging from topics of the Deaf culture, Deaf individuals, ASL references and more. These articles are intertwined with a complete ASL dictionary which covers nearly everything a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced signer may need. The introduction also includes the History of Sign Language. Further helpful information regarding the Deaf community and telecommunications will be found there as well. A chapter titled “The Basics” will provide you with just that: the basics to this special language. Find answers to all those unasked questions! What is sign language? What’s the importance of finger spelling? What is Pidgin Signed English? What are name signs? These and more will be answered in a way that you will understand. On top of all this, is a complete dictionary of signs covering an abundance of topics such as conversations, actions, home and clothing, mealtime and food, numbers, math terms, quantity and money, and much, much more. Each sign is accompanied by a clear black and white picture, as well as descriptions on the hand shape, position, and movement. Helpful tips aid your visualization and remembrance of the sign. This book is a valuable tool and resource that I highly recommend.

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