Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

October 12, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Annette Banks (07/24/16)

When I read the history of Thomas Gallaudet, I never knew he was a Reverend.  I am a Christian and I can see how the hand of God was guiding this man to become a renowned American pioneer, so every deaf person could have a voice to communicate.

I believe that it was the divine purpose of God for him to visit his family in Hartford, Connecticut, and it was God’s plan that Alice Cogswell, would be outside playing with his sister and brother.  When he saw Alice, his heart was filled with compassion to help her.  When Alice father Mason Cogswell, subsequently financed Mr. Gallaudet’s trip to Europe, I can see the plan of God in motion.

Even though Thomas ran into many oppositions with the Braidwood family, I believe this to be the will of God. Why? Because God had a better plan and method of how to teach the deaf.

When Thomas met Abbe Sicard, Laurent Clerc, and Jean Massieu while he was in England, I can see the divine hand of God still moving in the right direction.  He was able to accompany these men back to their country in France to learn more about teaching the deaf how to communicate. When he ran out of funds and he knew he needed to learn more before returning to America; I am not surprised when he ask Clerc to accompany him back to America, and Clerc excepted. On the way back to America, Clerc continued to teach Thomas sign language and he taught Clerc English.  After arriving to the United States the two men established the America School for the Deaf in 1817.

Thank you God for using these men to bring such a beautiful language to America. Also, this language has helped the deaf as well as the hearing.

This is my Christian perception!