A Basic Course in American Sign Language – book

March 8, 2013
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by Amber Waite

(Utah, US)

This book was recommended as the manual for my American Sign Language class at the School for the Deaf in St. George Utah. I really appreciate the vocabulary of the book, but even more I feel that the grammatical guide has been the most helpful in guiding me as I try to switch from English to American Sign Language grammatical form. Each of the vocabulary is show by illustration of models performing the sign. The facial expressions are illustrated and very helpful in identifying how to correctly convey the sign in true ASL form. There is sufficient practice pages that ask you to sign an English sentence in ASL and often they will give you the ASL translation to help the transition between the languages. Very effective for practicing.

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Jul 03, 2011

second the endorsement of ABC/ASL

by: Brenda Dawe

I love this text… seems we are in the minority according to the other list groups to which I belong. But I’ve used it for 41 semesters on the college level and it has not lost it’s glitter with me yet.

Students like the very short chapters (usually 3-4 pages for the grammar and concepts and another 3 or so for the vocabulary. They are slow to find the glossing of the practice sentences in the back of the book which to me is a great stress reliever.

I keep buying new texts as they are produced, yet continue to judge the ABC/ASL so far better than anything else I’ve seen.

Old is not always BAD…especially when it is BASIC instruction for beginners.

Signingly Yours, Brenda D


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