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The Start ASL 1 course aims to provide students with the ability to begin to acquire proficiency in American Sign Language using a comprehensive, systematic approach. Developing spontaneous communication competency will be heavily stressed through the direct experience method/natural approach with some structured approaches for further reinforcements. Dialogue will be presented using videos for which students are required to deduce itemized vocabulary and phrases from common semantic groups and/or meaningful functions, situations, and contexts. Incorporated in this American Sign Language course will be the study and exploration of Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community.







Excuse Me

Are you deaf?

See You Later


The Start ASL 2 course will continue your journey through American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. This course is designed to master ASL communicative competence with an emphasis on more fluent usage of ASL and increased knowledge of the language. Students will build on material covered in Start ASL 1 and introduce additional grammatical principles. Emphasis is on the application of grammatical principals for conversing in ASL.








How was your weekend?

How much does it cost?


The Start ASL 3 course continues to build your knowledge of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. In this course, you will expand your comprehension and apply skills receptively and expressively in more depth. Students will have the opportunity to continue their cultural awareness by applying what they learn in the course to real-life events. Students will also expand their understanding of cultural norms while applying their sign skills to deeper conversations. 


The Start ASL 4 course will continue to build on Start ASL 3. In this course, students can expect to expand their cross-cultural connections within Deaf Culture. This course will allow students to develop a full linguistic approach to communicate appropriately with Deaf signers. Students will engage in receptive and expressive forms of communication while applying their signing skills to culturally appropriate modalities. Students will communicate in detailed, more native signing than ever before.

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