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Our Offline Course is the sign language software version of our Complete 4-Level ASL Course. Now you can have all the benefits of our ASL curriculum without an internet connection! Download our exclusive Offline Course today!

Our Offline Course Includes:

Sign Language Software - Start ASL Offline Course


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You Will See Progress – We Guarantee It!

30 day money back guarantee

Does your college tuition guarantee that you will learn? Well, we do. We have been trusted in ASL education for over 15 years. Give us 30 days and we guarantee that you will see progress with your ASL skills. When you purchase the Start ASL Offline Course today, you have a FULL 30 days to go through the course 100% risk free. If you find that the course isn’t for you or that you just don’t have the time or motivation you thought you had to learn ASL – just contact us at https://support.startasl.com, let us know, and we’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Why Choose Us

Learn How to Sign Comfortably and Correctly in True ASL

Learn Accurate ASL

What most online ASL resources teach is often incorrect. Sadly, a simple search on Youtube will bring up a number of ASL videos with over one million views and hundreds of comments about how incorrect the signs are.

With us, you can rest assured that you are learning accurate signs and grammar by professional signers who are active members of the Deaf community. Our curriculum is aligned with the California World Language Standards and the ACTFL.

Imagine having the confidence to join a conversation in ASL knowing that your signing is completely accurate!

Learn ASL Quickly and Easily

Most online ASL resources end up being very expensive with both time and money. If you have been using free resources, you may have found that searching through all the information out there and wondering whether or not it is even accurate takes an astronomical amount of time.

With us, our complete course includes everything you need. You will learn the language completely and with total flexibility. And better yet, our course will quickly give you the results you’ve been waiting to see.

Imagine the time you’d save and the uncertainty you’d avoid if you knew exactly what ASL to learn and when to learn it!

Learn Complete ASL

Most online ASL resources teach a very limited amount of ASL. Maybe you’re learning some signs like “dog” and “cat,” but are wondering when you’ll actually be able to have a real conversation.

With us, you will learn full ASL. We teach an extensive amount of ASL vocabulary plus ASL grammar, ASL syntax, Deaf culture, and Deaf history.

Imagine having everything you need to learn no matter where you are!

We Learned ASL Just Like You

Have you already taken an ASL class, but don't feel like you really got a good grip on the language? Maybe you've learned some signs to replace English words, but are wondering when you'll actually be able to have a real conversation using ASL grammar.

With us, we know what you need. We not only offer courses by native Deaf signers but also by hearing ASL professionals who know what it is like to learn ASL as a hearing person.

Imagine learning ASL from teachers who know exactly what hearing students need in order to become comfortably fluent!

Jared Perez-DeBusk
Megan Clancy
Tobi Adedeji
Katelyn Cheng
Bellamie Bachleda
Crystal Lott
“I just wanted to say thank you for this program. I have always been interested in ASL, but it was never offered at any of the schools I went to. I’m really glad I found your program. I just finished Unit 5, and I think I’m picking it up really fast. Thank you so much for making this program available.”
“I am enjoying this class very much. I appreciate the way it is structured. I don’t have a favorite part I like every section. I am progressing little by little. I learn a little more with each lesson. Thank you so very much for giving me this opportunity to learn. I am late-deaf I need to learn how to communicate in ASL.”
Mary S.

What's Included?

Sign Language Software - Start ASL Offline Course

Our Sign Language Software 4-Level Course:


Our ASL 1 course is the best class for beginners and will get you conversing right away, learning:

  • Fingerspelling and numbers,
  • The five sign parameters,
  • Word order,
  • Sentence types,
  • Pronouns and indexing,
  • Classifiers,
  • Verbs,
  • Identifying people,
  • Deaf culture, and Deaf history!


Our ASL 2 course is full of advanced lessons that will target your grammar skills and help you to be a more confident signer, learning:

  • Sentence types,
  • Time, Duration, and Regularity,
  • Temporal aspect,
  • Classifiers,
  • Pluralization,
  • Distance,
  • Inflection,
  • And describing rooms, objects, and locations!


Our ASL 3 course is an advanced course and will teach you how to sign more abstract ideas including:

  • Role shifting,
  • Narratives,
  • Vehicles and accidents,
  • Giving information,
  • Sign language games,
  • Literature,
  • Storytelling,
  • And interpreting music!


Our ASL 4 course is our most advanced course and will teach you how to communicate in detailed, more native signing including presentations on:

  • Facts and myths,
  • Health and hearing science,
  • History, government, and world events,
  • Science, religion, and business,
  • Opinions and debate,
  • Storytelling with classifiers,
  • Regional sign variations and idioms,
  • And interpreting and sign systems!

Two Course Options:

There are two different ways to take our Offline Course. You can choose either option or use a combination of both. They both use the same Workbook to complete the required activities, so switching between the two is extremely easy.

The Start ASL Offline Webpage Course

The Offline Webpage Course uses the HTML and other support files included in the download to create an offline website on your computer or device. The files are opened in your internet browser for an online course experience without requiring an internet connection.

This option is useful if you have regular access to a computer or device and prefer learning in a website-like environment, but do not have reliable access to an internet connection.

The Start ASL Offline PDF Course

The Offline PDF Course involves printing or reading our included Lessons PDF file to follow all of our Start ASL lessons. The file links directly to vocabulary or lesson videos to watch or you can access them yourself – they are all included in the download. Everything is at your fingertips!

This option is useful if you don’t always have access to a computer or device, like to learn without constant screen time, or are learning in a group setting.

Start ASL Offline Webpage Course
Start ASL Offline PDF Course
Lesson Videos

You will receive over 250 lesson, quiz, and exam videos for all four course levels.

ASL Course Workbooks

You will receive a workbook for each course level to print and complete the course activities and quizzes offline.

Vocabulary Videos

You will receive vocabulary videos with over 2,300 words and phrases for all four course levels.

Plus: The Don't Just "Sign"... Communicate! Student Guides

Now also included with the Start ASL Offline Course are your own downloadable copies of the Don’t Just “Sign”… Communicate! Student Guide PDF e-books that are used for the course Reading Assignments. These essential guides are your key to success!

A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community

This Guide Gives You EVERYTHING You Need…and More.

One of the biggest benefits of Don’t Just “Sign”…Communicate!: A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community is that we provide you with information you need but didn’t know to ask for. The package is absolutely jam-packed with benefits:

  • You’ll quickly learn the best ways to learn ASL so that you can begin communicating quickly.
  • You’ll receive the most essential Deaf culture and Deaf history information available.
  • Information about careers in ASL from the professionals.  
  • Common terminology used in the Deaf community.
  • The number one ASL resources available today.
  • And so much more!  

This guide was created specifically to help you understand ASL more effectively. The perfect companion for our ASL course, this guide supplements the course and offers up the best possible information to help you better understand everything involved while learning ASL.

Without a doubt, it is the best student’s guide to ASL and the Deaf community in existence, and provides numerous benefits for individuals who are taking ASL classes.

This book is a real gem! Informative, intriguing, and an easy read — it is your ticket to a new world of friendships and cultural understanding! When it’s time to step out of the classroom and into the Deaf Community–Michelle Jay’s advice and insights are just what you need! Remember what you learned from this book and you’ll do great!

Bill Vicars
William G. Vicars, Ed.D. Associate Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies, Also known as “Dr. Bill” of, Lifeprint.com

Whenever I am questioned to offer a suggestion of a good, easy to read book about sign language and the Deaf community, I now have a clear answer… this book packs a ton of useful information in one spot. A must have for any new sign language student!

John Miller Signing Savvy
John Miller Co-Founder, Educator, Signing Savvy LLC

A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community is an essential guide for those thinking of learning ASL, considering a career working within the Deaf community or looking to understand Deaf culture. It truly is the bible for “everything you need to know but didn’t know to ask.” This book is filled with all the important information you need in one place and is truly an amazing read.

Pearl Feder L.C.S.W., Editor & Coordinator, SayWhatClub

As a Deaf person who hails from Gallaudet University with Masters Studies in ASL Linguistics, taught ASL at various state universities for over 25 years, trained sign language interpreters, and served on the board for interpreter quality assurance qualification programs, I definitely suggest this book for the beginning ASL signer. Communication involves so much more than just learning, using, and understanding the language. This book smoothly pulls it all together while inspiring the novice learner. I whole-heartedly and with honor recommend this book.

MJ Williams Author & Website Creator/Owner, www.babies-and-sign-language.com

Hearing folks are often clueless as to what the Deaf-World is really like, really about, and they are often not sure what the best approach is to finding out, particularly if they have a goal to learning proper American Sign Language. Michelle Jay’s Don’t Just Sign…Communicate: A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community offers a fantastic way to self learn. I love this concise, friendly reference book! It describes the history of the Deaf-World; beliefs, values, behaviors, traditions, and practices within that world; Deaf Education; ASL Careers; Deaf-World terminology, Deaf-World technology, and much more. In short, the book is an engaging summary of the whole Deaf culture in the US. It includes information on how to become meaningfully and respectfully involved with ASL and Deaf communities. Readers even have a chance to test themselves in the final chapter to gauge what they’ve learned from the book.

Michelle Jay has given students of American Sign Language (ASL) a true treasure in her new book; Don’t Just “Sign”… Communicate: A Student’s Guide to ASL and the Deaf Community. Without this book it is similar to learning to swim without ever taking off one’s floaters; you may be able to stay afloat but will never learn to swim. Jay explains many crucial elements of the proper way to sign and how to integrate into the deaf community. In addition she provides many dos and don’ts, so you will not embarrass yourself when signing. She explains the history of the deaf culture which is something that many deaf people are quite proud of and cherish. There is a section of deaf terminology which is important information. The other section I appreciate is a comprehensive list of other quality resources. I highly recommend the entire series of three books.

An ASL Student Review from Amazon.com

A Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar

The Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar provides the fundamentals of perfect ASL grammar so you can sign confidently.

Students taking ASL classes are often expected to pick up on the grammar rules themselves, by being a part of the deaf community, or by immersing themselves in sign language from the beginning. If you’re learning on your own or you’re unable to sign with others often, it can be extremely difficult to pick up these rules. This guide will help you:

  • Make sure you’re learning American Sign Language.  
  • Learn ASL signs and vocabulary concepts you won’t find in most ASL dictionaries.
  • Learn ASL phonology and how signs are formed.
  • Learn ASL morphology and how to inflect signs to create meaning.
  • Learn ASL syntax and how to form correct sentences.
  • And so much more!  

This incredible guide provides you with the confidence you need to communicate fluently and correctly. Unfortunately, many signers go years without picking up the proper grammar, even when they’re conversing with other signers regularly. You don’t have to let this happen to you!

Stop! Don’t learn another sign until you’ve read Michelle Jay’s A Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar! Clear, easy to understand, and loaded with excellent examples this book is one that every ASL student and teacher ought to keep “handy!”

Bill Vicars
William G. Vicars, Ed.D. Associate Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies, Also known as “Dr. Bill” of, Lifeprint.com

There is so much more to signing than just learning the hand shapes and movements. ASL is all about its own syntax, phonology and grammar. This book does a great job of exploring what makes ASL its own unique language. Start ASL has done it again!

John Miller Signing Savvy
John Miller Co-Founder, Educator, Signing Savvy LLC

Think you can’t learn American Sign Language? Well, think again. Start ASL’s book, A Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar makes learning ASL grammar and syntax not only fun but easy to understand. This guide gives you the tools you need to feel comfortable communicating in the Deaf community.

Pearl Feder L.C.S.W., Editor & Coordinator, SayWhatClub

Studying ASL Linguistics at Gallaudet University was truly an eye opening experience, even for me, a Deaf person, who has already mastered American Sign Language since childhood. Combining all of the grammatical aspects of ASL to form a complete idea is not easy for the beginning signer. Luckily, A Student’s Guide to Mastering ASL Grammar explains all of this, how to execute, and then some! Great job to Michelle Jay for making this available and so clearly for the new and not-so-new signer.

MJ Williams Author & Website Creator/Owner, www.babies-and-sign-language.com

At first when I downloaded this book, I was surprised to see it was so short–but after reading a bit I quickly realized it is packed *full* of good information. The author doesn’t waste space explaining vocabulary words or such, she expects you’ll have an ASL dictionary and probably had at least some ASL instruction before, too. To that end, I wouldn’t recommend this book for ASL beginners–you’ll want to have had some time learning the basics before drinking from this particular fire hose. Nevertheless, even as many of these grammar points were not a surprise to me after the ASL classes I’ve had, it’s really helpful for me to see them all laid out clearly like this, so I suspect I will keep referring to the book for reference and/or practice.

Eric W. Wallace Review from Amazon.com

Learned so much from this book! This is a must have in the library of any person interested in or learning ASL (American Sign Language). This book includes more than just how to form the signs correctly it gives background information on how to use the signs in ASL and in which instances there are other acceptable interpretations. Anyone from a very new beginner to a more advanced learner can find very useful information. The illustrations are very easy to under and the explanations are covered with very clear examples. I am using this book side-by-side with my course material. You will be happy you made this purchase.

A Student’s Guide to the Deaf Experience

This eye-opening e-book will ignite your senses and eliminate any misconceptions you may have about the deaf community.

Delve into this informative and entertaining collection of personal stories culled from the writings of talented Deaf, deaf, hard of hearing, and late-deafened people.

Experience the world from their perspectives and learn what questions and comments are best avoided and what common courtesies are most appreciated. By reading this book, you can immerse yourself in the textured world of the deaf community.

This book is meant as a guide to equip ASL students, but it is so much more… It is a book for the masses – to be read and reread, to be savored – for it will resonate with you long after the last page is turned.

This book is an amazing read and takes you inside the lives and experiences of many Deaf people who have certainly made their mark in the world, whether in the past or in present day, explaining in full the difference between the two. Some of their experiences in growing up were harsh due to discrimination and bullying at being Deaf, but it never let the light from within them stop shining. I wish I could give it SIX stars out of five… such a treasured compendium!

Rosie Malezer Review from Amazon.com

I’m really interested in ASL, so I assumed the book was going to be mostly about ASL and capital-D Deafhood. So I was really pleasantly surprised that the scope of the book is much larger than that, with essays from Deaf, deaf, HH, lipreading, signing, non-signing, hearing aid users, CI users, 100% hearing loss, late-deafened adults, and just about every other type of hearing loss/deaf gain perspective you can think of, both from the U.S. and England.

Heather Torrance Review from Amazon.com

A Student’s Guide to Deaf Community Terminology

This pocket-size e-book is a fantastic collection of terms commonly used in the Deaf Community and allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily find the meaning of a community term.
  • Study terminology whenever you have a spare moment.
  • Ensure that you’re participating correctly in conversations.
  • Build confidence for signing and communicating.
  • Study with a quick and convenient method no matter where you are.
  • And more!

I took a sign language class years ago and wanted to relearn it because I own a service oriented business. Learning sign language is great, but I wanted a little more understanding and this book gives a comprehensive list of words and acronyms along with some interesting info.

This little book is a brief, pocket dictionary of terms one can encounter in ASL / Deaf-World studies and interactions. This guide contains words and acronyms used in association with Deaf culture, services, education, technology, and discussion…This quick reference pocket guide might be useful for some people who are participating in Deaf-World events, ASL Workshops, Deaf Education seminars, research, classes, presentations, and activities like these.

“Dear Michelle Jay and the Start ASL team, Your online videos and downloads are a great tool to learn real ASL. Many classes that attempt to teach ASL do not explain syntax and sentence structure correctly. They do not demonstrate REAL people signing. You do 😉 thank you, it is about time that someone who knows the deaf community shared their knowledge. God Bless you all.”
“I took all 3 classes and was amazed at the attention to detail Michelle took to design this course. Michelle’s course is organized, well-thought out, and fun. I learned a lot! The videos were my favorite part. Since I already had quite a bit of vocabulary under my belt, I wanted practice reading a variety of signers while learning ASL grammar. This course gave me just that. I highly recommend it for anyone learning ASL. THANK YOU, Michelle Jay!”
Jeff G.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need a webcam or other video recording device if you want to record yourself signing for the Expressive Signing Assignments.

And for ASL 4, you will need to purchase (or borrow from your local library) the book Deaf in America: Voices from a Culture by Carol Padden and Tom Humphries to complete some Reading Assignments in the course. This is one of the best books about Deaf Culture and you will not regret adding this book to your collection.

Yes! If you’re still not sure that the Start ASL Offline Course is right for you, please download our sample here and see for yourself. It’s the most comprehensive, inclusive package available today. Created by ASL professionals, our curriculum aims to fully immerse you into American Sign Language so you can learn to sign fluently and accurately.

For mobile device users, we suggest downloading the files to your computer first, unzipping the files, and then transferring them to your device. You can also use an app like WinZip or iZip for Apple devices or WinZip or AndroZip for Android devices to unzip the zip folders directly on your device. Also, make sure you have programs available on your device to open PDF, HTML, and MP4 video files.

If you have a DVD burner and the skills necessary to do this, then yes! If you’re able to do that, you can use a DVD player to watch the videos instead of a computer or mobile devic

The zipped folders are roughly 1.4-1.9 GB per level. You will need to make sure you have enough free space available on your device. Because they are so large, we highly recommend only downloading the course level you are currently working on. Your downloads don’t expire. Please keep in mind that these files can take quite a while to download even with a fast internet connection.

The Start ASL Offline Course is meant to be used by one student. If multiple students from different families will be learning together, then multiple packages should be purchased to accommodate the number of students in the class. If you have more than 5 students, be sure to take a look at our licensing options

You need an internet connection to initially download all the materials. We link to online resources sometimes in the curriculum, but we include all required readings in the downloads.

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