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Why do #iloveStartASL? Because they have helped me stay up to date on all my signs while college classes are on break for the summer or winter. I am a deaf Studies major at Towson University. I am currently in ASL 2 moving on to ASL 3 next semester. They have been a big help with my studies. Thank you Start ASL.

I’ve been trying to learn ASL online since the summer I broke my ankle (although, my progress lately has been somewhat hampered by the time constraints of juggling home schooling with double working from home!)… and whilst there are some good YouTube videos out there, if you are thinking of giving it a go, I recommend checking out Start ASL – it is heaving with great resources and courses! I’m just dabbling with their free stuff right now… but would love to try their official courses at some point.

I am grateful I found Start ASL. I have access to plenty of vocabulary and the books are helping me understand more about grammar and ASL culture 💜

First off, I am retraining myself with American Sign Language. #IloveStartASL They start you off with some free classes, then progress to the paid courses. So, if you’re interested in learning sign language, please check-out Start ASL.

Start ASL is by far the best online resource for learning ASL. When I was a kid, after I had an encounter with a hearing impaired person, I wanted to learn and understand this great language. When that woman who could not communicate with me was trying, I could see the desperation in her eyes and I knew that was going to be one of my lifelong goals. I never truly knew how to learn ASL without taking extensive classes, but with Start ASL, there is detailed courses and programs, free resources, and help the community bridge the gap that prevent people from being able to communicate. Start ASL is not only helping you learn another language, but lovingly and compassionately preparing you to make connections with a whole group of people we sometimes take for granted. #iloveStartASL

I just started classes at Start ASL and love it. So many ways to communicate with others who are learning this language as well. It brings me out of my comfort zone and has me try new things and it helps me realize I don’t have to be fast to be good. My favorite thing is fingerspelling Friday. I made my 1st video and got very helpful feedback on what I need to work on. Thank you Start ASL for this amazing course.

#ilovestartasl This is what I’ve been up to the last few months.

I love this site Start ASL. They have easy to follow course work. And the social media content for learning is awesome!

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I am VERY grateful to have found your site. Thank you so much for putting it together and making it free.

Hello there and nice to meet you Miss Michelle! I came across Start ASL today. I am blown away at the amount of work (and heart, btw) you have invested in this site. You have done a magnificent job in sharing your gifts with us out here. Thanks for putting yourself and your gifts out there, I am very grateful! Blessings

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing here. I love the way you teach ASL and am really enjoying learning it. I’m 16 years old, I’m not deaf, but have always had a fascination with sign language and am teaching it to my baby brother. Thanks again!!!

I just started using your Free Online Course this evening and wow I am already blown away by the amount of material that is on here! The care and attention you and your team has dedicated is a God-send! I’ve been wanting to learn Sign Language for so many years and now is the time! I played Helen Keller in the Miracle Worker 2 years ago and fell completely in love. So thank you so much for creating a place for people like me to learn with the comfort of doing it at my own pace at home and financially saving too. I do look forward to actually buying the courses to come.

I have completed ASL 1 and earned my first badge. This course helped me to understand sentence structure better, and I also enjoyed the flexibility and hours that you are allowed to take the course. For instance, one time I was up at 2:00 am in the morning doing some of my assignments and taking quizzes. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I was taking the course in college. So now on to ASL 2!

This site has really opened my eyes to the deaf culture and community. I’m from surprise AZ and I’ve got to say that this has been the best tool to at least have a conversation with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in my area. Neighbors, Co-workers, and friends that sign have been super impressed that I know at least conversational sign and can now even keep up with them signing naturally!

This is such an amazing website to quickly and easily learn ASL. I had always wanted to be a fluent signer and really wanted to take an actual ASL class, but I found this online instead and use it all the time. Thank you

This is the best online sign language program. Very complete and much like a college course. With classes and learning experiences and outings and supplemental books it is a very thorough class

have signed for many years but wanted to get into the Interpreter Training Program at our local college to become certified. I needed help with ASL as I have mostly signed English. This is a great program at a great price. VERY enjoyable and informative! I have already recommended it to others! Thank you.

Back in the early 2000’s, I found out I was hard of hearing and was advised to learn ASL. I’m grateful for this course being offered for free online. I love this course, it’s refreshing my memory and I’m learning a lot. Hopefully others will accommodate me and try to embrace and learn something new. Thank you all for having this online course, you don’t know what it means to me. Thank you tons!

This program offers such an amazing opportunity. I have always had a love for sign language. When I was in high school I had to opportunity my senior year to take sign as a foreign language and I loved it even more! Now being a single mom it is hard for me to get to a campus to continue my learning and online learning can be a bit of a headache if not done right. I am so excited to have found this website because this is a perfect example of “doing it right!” I feel like I’m actually learning and with the ability/ freedom to move at my own pace! Hats off to the creators, designers, and teachers of this website. Thank you!

I have been signing for about 29 years. I never took a class, I just learned from our deaf community. The only problem was, I never understood the reason why I was signing this way. Talking about the sentence structure and those things. Having this series has taught me so much. My Pastor asked if I would teach a class in our Christian School. With your course I can now teach with confidence knowing they’ll learn the right way to sign ASL from the start. I am looking forward to this year and seeing how are students are going to enjoy being able to communicate with our deaf members. Thank you for making this possible.

I had a humongous urge to learn sign language, but I wanted something free but worthwhile. I also didn’t know where to start as far as vocabulary and phrases. Then I found Start ASL. This is the best website by far to learn off of as a beginner. I love the way the vocab and phrases are put together for each unit. I also love the explanations at the end of each unit because they help me truly understand everything I learned in that particular unit. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to the Start ASL Signing Team for everything y’all do to help others learn ASL in the best way possible!

At first I thought I already knew some ASL and this would be easy. It took time and I found out how little I knew. By the end of ASL 1 I feel a little more confident but know I still have much work to do. I’ll continue to plug away until I finish all three levels and then decide what I really want to do after that. Right now I just look forward to gaining the knowledge and it is not always going to be easy. I guess that nothing worthwhile ever really is. But in the end, it definitely is worth it.

Excellent work people!!! I am learning a lot with your classes and hope to get a lot of friends from the deaf community because now I can communicate better with them. Also deaf persons are very patient when I tried to communicate and willing to help me do it better. Thanks and ASL is a beautiful, interesting, and lovely language.

I’m excited to be using this program to learn ASL. I’ve wanted to learn it for so long and now I have that chance. I can’t wait to get the full program and continue learning.

I feel very happy to have a part in this excellent ASL course. I’m very sure this sign language will help to break communication barriers for many people – not only to those who know ASL but all sign language will be a lot easier. I am getting it a lot faster.

I am learning a lot from the available courses and am grateful for them. I think these videos are great and I thank you for offering them.

It is extremely good and I love it. It really helps.

My ASL has progressed so far after doing the first 3 units! I am so excited to continue. I can’t believe how much I’m learning in this short time. This is a really good course with excellent information Michelle! Thank you so much for putting this together so that people can learn this beautiful language and begin to communicate correctly with the Deaf Community.

This course makes it so easy to learn signing. I’m starting a college class the 1st of January and this is going to give me a real nice head-start. Taking the free lessons right now, but will probably enroll in the Online Course.

Start ASL is a great way to learn ASL. The presentation and order of learning is spot-on. I have known Sign Language all of my life, but learned Signed English and Pigeon. But, have been away from it for 30 years. I am wanting to refresh my signing and learn the correct way to sign ASL. I feel it is so important to be able to communicate appropriately with Deaf people. I feel like I am moving along slowly, but for me I think this is the best way so that I really learn the lessons. Thank you for putting this course together.

I just want to say thank you for making this available for me to learn. I am starting to have some major hearing issues. This class makes it very easy to learn Sign Language. I work in retail so losing my hearing has some very harsh trials. So learning sign language is a major tool that will help me on my workplace but to other deaf or hard of hearing individuals. Thank you so much!

I am a teenager, who learned basic ASL in kindergarten and never found any ambition to continue learning. This was until I went to my grandmother’s work, which helps people with disabilities, an I finally felt the ambition to keep learning ASL, and this program made it unimaginably easy. Thank all of you from the Start ASL signing team.

Since the first time I visited StartASL.com last month, I knew I will be falling in love with it. I am a hearing person and I decided to learn ASL online just recently for our deaf niece. Really it is a must to adjust ourselves especially in all of our family communication issues with her. I am enjoying the free online tutorials of vocabulary and phrases and if I may, I would be more than willing also to share your site to them, and to our circle of friends who will be interested to learn. Hence, it is a great honor to congratulate and salute you for spearheading such a wonderful website for the betterment of our community, and the world as a whole. Again, thank you, and I wish you too nothing less than success on your ASL journey!

Best beginning ASL program I’ve found–well done!

Great program! Love being able to communicate with the children I work with.

What a fantastic program! My daughter learned so much. We will definitely continue on.

Toward the end, I really had to concentrate and focus. I learned so much and the videos help a great deal. I am so thankful you had decided to assist people/future students/refresher people to learn or refresh a beautiful language. I love the interaction and the books. At times you threw a curve ball, but I will forever be grateful for this. May God continue to bless and keep you in my prayer. I will spread the word about this site.

ASL 2 felt way less challenging than ASL 1; I really can see I understand the dialogues better now; assignments were at times not too real to life–I miss being in person–but the quizzes worked better on the technical aspects and my receptive skills have definitely improved. The vocab lists are helpful and I appreciate the speed of signing is no longer ’slowed down’. Thank you for making this available; it is nice to have a sense of start and finish and a set of succinct explanations such as the negative and temporal changes.

After learning Exact English for my son who was born deaf, finding it hard not to sign every word, no wonder his girlfriend can’t always understand me! LOL! This is why I’m trying ASL for her and him as well as for myself. It’s interesting and I love it. Only wish I can fit learning it in my work day more. Thank you for letting me work at my own pace, I hope to increase my signing and continue with the classes.

I love this class. My great aunt is deaf so it is a nice resource.

I have always wanted to learn ASL. Ever since I was a kid, I was amazed by ASL. Now I am learning it and I am soooo happy! Thank you!

I find myself signing the words and phrases that I know in conversation with my husband and friends…I just love the course. It is made so even people like me can learn on our own time. It’s great and I tell anyone who asks about the course and pass on the name and link so they too can check it out. We live in a community of 100 people in the
middle of nowhere. Our nearest neighbours are the bear, wolf, and moose. So there is a lot of time spent in the winter looking for things to do. Thank you so much for your ongoing encouragement and hints as well as reading material that will make this even easier.

I love these ASL classes, they are free and fun! My story is that I am going to become a doctor and I want to talk to people that are deaf! I am excited to learn about the deaf culture and I can’t wait to start talking in sign language.

As a CODA I did not know sign language because my dad read lips, but was able to speak. He lost his hearing by age 12 and my older sister by 17. After my granddaughter was born, I began with my daughter learning to sign. We attend yearly family immersion sessions at NMSD in Santa Fe, NM where my granddaughter is a 6th grader. Start ASL has been a life saver because as a teacher, I don’t always have time to practice on my own, and weekends with my granddaughter are short. Currently working through the free program, I hope to go forward with the full courses, but not until school is over for the year. I recommend this to anyone studying on their own, or to support their learning.

The knowledge learned in this course is vital. I highly recommending someone take this course before entering an Interpreter Program, if they have no knowledge of ASL, Deaf Culture, or signing period. The classifier section “blew me”, but once I was engrossed in it, I understood it better than I did in the ’90’s. I recommend this course also as a “brush up” of old skills and insights into new ones.

I came across your website while researching ASL. I married into a family who has hard of hearing and deaf members. I’ve had exposure but never learned all that was in the community. My cousin is an interpreter who lead me in your direction. My brother-in-law who lives with us is losing his hearing. He was hard of hearing and is now going deaf in one ear. He is the reason that we are learning ASL together. I am very pleased with the classes, the videos and the outreach with the community. It has been a blessing and I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you for all you guys do.

I really enjoyed this course and I learned a ton. I review the phrases and vocab pretty regularly. I’m continuing on with my studies by auditing a college course in ASL in the fall and I can’t wait. I also aspire to sign like Crystal. She is awesome. Thank you so much for putting this site together. I know it must have been a monumental amount of work.

Thank you for developing this course! I was one of those people searching the web, unable to find anywhere structured to learn from. I reeeaalllly appreciate what you and your team have worked so hard to accomplish! I am soooo thankful that you have addressed the need for understanding and studying the culture, as well as ASL syntax and grammar, not just the vocabulary. Speaking of culture, the stories I have read so far from “A Student’s Guide to the Deaf Experience” have been touching, amazing, and way more than just informative. It is a wonderful compilation that definitely exceeded my expectations! I also love how simple you try to keep things – meaning, easy to navigate and not crowded or jumbled. Thank you also for explaining that the coursework (done well) will prepare the student for an ITP. I am hoping to begin an ITP here in Houston in June, and am grateful for the head start/extra help these courses will give me.

Aloha – I am a deaf education teacher, although I am not yet certificated or certified. I was hired as a long-term substitute teacher and had a certificate of participation in a sign language class that was offered on-island by a graduate of Gallaudet college who is also a teacher. If not for your ASL website and tutorials I would not be able to continue and grow at the same time… thank you thank you thank you…

I have known a little bit of Sign Language because my grandma would use it while I was growing up and when I got older I started watching this show and I learned a few things off it. Then I heard my auntie was going to school for becoming an ASL interpreter and I thought I’ve had enough signs and I want to learn and make it a living. I know a lot of basics but I want to be able to have a full conversation!

I am so grateful to have been able to take (and finish) this fabulous course. It has restored a lot of confidence in my ability to learn languages and ability to not give up on something no matter how hard I wanted to sometimes. So thank sooooooo much for helping me to learn a language (and become nearly fluent) that I barely even knew existed 6 months ago and to find a love I never knew I had. Thanks again!

My best friend as a teenager was so excited I wanted to learn sign language, if she knew what I was saying, she didn’t correct me. Also, allowed me to sign Pidgin English rather than ASL, so I feel I have all of these bads habits to overcome. It is so exciting to find a site that teaches it all – Deaf history, the struggles deaf people had to endure as well as the language of ASL. I look forward to learning more and more everyday. Thank you!

My college ASL class is so fast; it’s unbelievable that we are speaking in full sentences (well, trying hard…), have learned the numbers, math basics, colors and so much more… and we are only on week 3. Anyway, it’s waaaaaay too fast for me, despite hours of immersing myself into it the best I can without being around the Deaf community much yet. Coming here and doing these things at the pace I need to see it at (signers are as fast as regular Deaf signers in our class, so hard/impossible for me to understand…), slowing down, watching slower signers… is helping me so very much. Thank you!

I found these lessons very helpful and thorough for learning ASL and it has given me a great start on the journey to learning more and continuing my education. I personally love to learn song with ASL and I plan to continue my education through a local (Canada) college to improve my daily communication.

I have wanted to be fluent in sign language for many many years. I would learn a few word then stop. I’ve known the letters for years but that takes forever to talk finger spelling everything. Now I know words and can make sentences. I teach my grandkids words. Thank you for all your help and I one day hope to be fluent.

This was an amazing refresher for me. I am licensed to teach ASL as a World Language, but I just wanted to refresh and watch actions and facial expressions of others. Thank you so much.

This online course has prepared me for my current position.

Thank you so much for putting this website together! I have been searching for a free course and finally came upon this website. I am a 9th grader at Life Christian Academy and I have always wanted to be an ASL interpreter. I know sign language I just wanted to further my search. So, thank you for this!

This is amazing! Thank you so much for creating this site! I have always wanted to learn, but never really did anything about it. But then I found this site and it’s amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hi Michelle, thanks for Start ASL, it’s really useful to me. I teach deaf persons back in Africa but now doing my PHD in Europe. Start ASL has been of immense benefit to me and I look forward to receiving more to help me further in my thesis write-up.

I had gone all the way to unit 5 where they have the test. While I watched it, I felt like I was being shut out – like something was being said but I didn’t know what – so I went back and reviewed all the units and the video that didn’t make sense before finally made sense! I didn’t feel shut out any more! Thanks Start ASL!

As I ventured to study ASL, I decided to bring what I would be learning to my students. I’m a special education teacher for students identified with autism K-4 grade. Some of my students are non-verbal so learning to communicate with them via ASL was something I felt I had to do. I went as far as to teach my verbal students how to sign the alphabet and some of words like cat, dog, hello, etc. It’s unbelievable how quickly they caught on. I was able to sign a song I frequently sing as part of our morning breakfast. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity.

I just wanted to say thank you for putting this information online and free. I have been wanting to learn ASL for years but could never attend classes due to my work schedule. I am excited about the opportunity to learn. My daughter and I are doing this together, and I have sent this information to some coworkers. Thank you again.

Mrs. Michelle, I don’t know how to say thank you for what I am learning from Start ASL. I just completed ASL 1 and I am so excited. The knowledge I am receiving from your books have open My eyes about deaf culture. For the pass three years I have been teaching ASL in our school after care program, and I just love it. Your videos are excellent, I would not change anything. I am blessed to live in an area where ASL classes and programs are available from anyone who wants to learn this beautiful language. I plan to get more involved interacting with others who are in this program. Again thank you so much for what you are doing.

This site is awesome! You guys organized it so well. You have taught me so much and are still teaching me ASL.

I wanted to go even farther in ASL when I saw two older deaf gentleman in a Chinese restaurant. One of the gentleman wanted more drink but the waitress went right pass them. Not to be rude, she just didn’t notice them. Knowing a couple of signs I went up to the man. “Do he need help?” ” Do you want more drink” With his reply of yes I went to the waitress and told her that he would like more to drink. I felt so accomplished. After he started to talk to me I told him that I was still learning and was not very fluent. He told me to keep it up and that I was doing very good. He motivated me to learn more. This site is helping a lot in the process of learning sign.

I have completed this course and I love that I was able to take it at my own pace, no pressure or deadlines. I highly recommend this course as it has given me a good start to learning sign language.

Hello. I just want to say how grateful I am already that you and your team have made this resource available. I am taking on the study of ASL as part of my ministry work, and already in Unit 2, I am impressed by the depth and structure of the instructional blocks, and I appreciate the ability to see signers using multiple forms of the same sign, so I won’t be stumped later, when actually able to communicate fluently in ASL. Thank you again, great work, and may God continue to bless this work of yours

I couldn’t be happier to have found this site! I’ve been trying to learn ASL through dictionaries and other methods for a while now after starting to learn for my brother with autism. My family stopped going to classes since it wasn’t a helpful technique for him, but my passion never died. Following up with the classes was expensive, however, I still found the language important to use. SO THANKFUL for this site!! I’m able to communicate fairly well with only the first unit and scarce previous knowledge, without sacrificing the little money I have.

Hi! I am so excited about this journey! I lost my hearing in my right ear in October of 2015. Although I’m hard of hearing, my family and I find it difficult sometimes communicating in public places because I can’t hear them. I’ve always been able to read lips… my sisters and I use to do it when we were little girls in church, but my children don’t have that gift. I started taking sign language classes at my church and wanted MORE! A friend of mine introduced me to this program and I love it! I’m looking forward to learning even more as time goes on. It has really made me feel empowered after losing my hearing. Thank you for such a great program!

Wow, I’m so impressed. I took signing long ago and forgot so much. I started another class but the instructor was terrible. I became so frustrated and angry. Finding this site helps me so much better! I hope to expedite my learning! I’m losing my hearing rapidly and must learn… wish me luck!

Thank you for a well organized and user friendly course. I learned a lot and enjoyed it.

I started learning ASL in 9th grade and I fell in love with it. My best friend was fluent in ASL so I started learning a few words from her. By 11 grade I had three deaf friends and though I was fluent it still felt nice to be able to talk to everyone. I am now 27 years old and I never kept up on it so I forgot a lot of what I knew. So the is the best course for me because the first few test I breezed through because I just need to refresh my mind. Now we are getting into things I never knew. I don’t know what it is but I just have this draw to ASL. I’m not planning on becoming an interpreter but I do want to be one more person that helps bridge the gap in our world. So really I just want to give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved in making this site. You all are truly amazing people.

I first started the StartASL.com ASL 1 course several years ago. However, I never finished it because I became frustrated at a certain point then lost focus. I did continue to study other materials and joined a local ASL class. I then came back and completed all of the ASL 1 units in less than 2 weeks. I breezed through the parts that caused me frustration in the past and realized that learning ASL requires a lot of practice and a lot of patience! I have used books, videos, a live basic ASL class and attended many Deaf events over the last several years. Now, after going through ASL 1 again I realized what an amazing resource this free online course really is! I plan to continue to expand my ASL skill with StartASL.com ASL 2 & 3. Thank you!

This is a great website that is helpful to those who want to understand and learn sign language, whether it be because they need to know if for personal use or they want to learn it in case they meet someone deaf or hard of hearing. I absolutely love this website! I am finding myself learning more and more sign language everyday thanks to you! I can see the amount of effort you put forth into it and I appreciate it.

Thank you, Michelle for this marvelous site. It is a work of Art. I am studying ASL in a Senior Citizen Class and when I found your Start ASL site…….WOW! It helps me so much and I have shared with others. Thank you again

This is amazing and it’s free!! My friends know some ASL and sign to each other a lot, I have been wanting to learn more so I can do the same. I know a little but have recently been so intrigued that I have been teaching myself more through websites such as this one. This is the perfect thing for people, such as I, who are not offered ASL classes in school! Thank you so much! I cannot explain in enough words how much I enjoy this!

Thank you very much!

This is a GREAT beginner course I have learned SO much in the past few weeks! I have a long way to go for sure but this has helped me take that first huge step! This is for anyone that is interested in learning ASL and not just that but about the Deaf community, history, and culture!

This is a amazing learning tool, I’m a beginner, and it has helped me so much so that I can communicate with my grandson. I love it!

Thank you so much for making this website. I’ve learned so much!

I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. I have searched through 100’s of different ASL classes and free stuff on the Internet. My goal has always been to keep my skills polished so that I won’t lose them. This website and iPhone application has allowed me to learn the correct way to sign and keep my skills up to date. Your program is easy to follow and is organized. Again, I’m grateful and will continue to use your resources to reach my goal of becoming an interpreter! Thank you!

Being some one who has passion for this language, I get to love it more and more while studying it. One faithful day while browsing the net, I stumble don this site and it was so wonderful. It will interest you to know that I even get to learn more that what I expected to find. These ASL classes are so enriching. I thank those who created this site. Though some of the videos are kind of fast, I get to watch them time and again before getting the sense out of it.

As a receptionist we interact with many patients. It was very sad to see us interact with hearing so well and we couldn’t offer that same patience experience to our hard of hearing. I wanted to do something about it and it’s when I decided to start learning ASL. Although I am just learning they feel comfortable approaching me and they get excited to see me. I get excited to see them also because I practice with them. The language is amazing the culture and the people I love it don’t regret starting this new journey. Learn so much in this online course. Thank you for providing this site for us.

I’m very grateful for this site. I work as a BCaBA and have just started with a client who is deaf. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to learn ASL and this online course is great. I’m learning to sign and to understand sign and I can do this on my schedule. I also enjoy learning about the Deaf culture. It will help me serve my client better. Thank you for this opportunity.

I am really enjoying these classes! The format encompasses more than just learning signs but culture as well and real life scenarios! Looking forward to taking more advanced classes!!

I have been learning ASL for only a week and this resource is excellent. I just recommended this site to a friend yesterday. Thanks!

I am hearing, but many years ago learned ASL, just because I wanted to. I got a job with Deaf children while in college. However, many years have past, and due to lack of practice, I forgot most of it. I haven’t been able to find any book, online class, etc, that can help refresh my ASL knowledge. But this class was great! I completed the 1st workbook and all the quizzes and I feel amazed at how fast I was able to learn again what I once knew. I even sent a question and got an immediate personal response! That rarely happens in any other website. I recommend this class for anyone even if they’ve never tried ASL before. It’s so easy to use! It’s great!

Just finished ASL 2… and I’m exhausted! But it’s worth it. It takes hard work and watching the videos over and over and over again. And my progress seems to be pretty slow. But I am entering a Deaf Studies program in the fall, and my signing ability was evaluated via Skype, and as a result, I won’t have to take the ASL I course, only the ASL II. So my online studying paid off.

Learning ASL online for free is awesome! I’m taking an ASL class, and we are all learning from these lessons. I appreciate this site in assisting me to learn ASL better!

This class has been very helpful in learning ASL!! Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this program Michelle Jay!

This site is amazing!!! I tried looking everywhere for ways to learn sign language. This site has helped me so much and it’s all in one place!

When my son was 8 months old I noticed that something was wrong. I tried to convince 5 different doctors that he couldn’t hear me. Finally in June of this year (he is 2 1/2 now) I convinced one of the doctors to do the testing. I was right! He is profoundly deaf on one side and has moderate loss on the left. No one can explain why this happened to him and he could lose more hearing so I took action and started looking for anything, especially a free resource, that could help teach us ASL. I was thrilled to find this set of courses and it has been so wonderful. Convenient and easy to follow. I am grateful for these courses and I appreciate that they are available to us. As we continue our journey with ASL I hope to sign up for the actual classes and maybe even get a mentor. Thank you for providing this online for people like me who are basically overwhelmed at the idea that we all have to step up and learn a new language quickly to help my baby boy.

I can’t believe what an incredible and awesome website this is!!! I found it just when I needed something online rather than at the college because of my work schedule and children at home. I love all of it, everything, all materials couldn’t be any more user friendly!!! I especially love the dictionary and live online showing of words. Thank you ever so much Michelle!

I would like to thank you for this wealth of knowledge and the whole experience I have received so far from this course. It is truly awesome!

I’m 14 years old and I’m really enjoying your course. It’s so simple and easy, just a unit a day and a couple of practice sessions. A while ago I had checked out a book on learning ASL at my library to get me started. When I had to take it back I wanted to find something online that would help me to learn more, and your site is just what I was looking for. I definitely like the practice video where I can talk to someone, and Chris does a great job! Thank you for giving people interested in learning this beautiful language a fun and easy way to do it

I wanted to start learning ASL because one my son was born hearing impaired and my husband is slowly losing more and more of his hearing each year. I have also wanted to learn most of my life and never had the resources. This web site is totally awesome and very helpful. I have learned so much and knowing that most of the teachers learned from CSUN, California made me very happy since they are one of the best schools for ASL.

This is a great unit. It was great review and practice for having finished a first year ASL class. Looking forward to the next units and my local class in the fall. The lessons are very clear and thorough. Thank you for making this possible.

I really enjoyed learning sign for free online. Michelle and the rest of the team really did a great job putting this together. The videos were especially helpful to me. This made a big difference in my ability to communicate. Thanks to all who contributed to this project and please keep up the good work!

Dear Michelle Jay and the Start ASL team, Your online videos and downloads are a great tool to learn real ASL. Many classes that attempt to teach ASL do not explain syntax and sentence structure correctly. They do not demonstrate REAL people signing. You do thank you, it is about time that someone who knows the deaf community shared their knowledge. God Bless you all.

I cannot began to thank Michelle for the wonderful lessons she offers. I would not be where I am today with ASL without her excellent online site. Thanks, Michelle.

Thank you very much Michelle Jay for putting up this free ASL site. It has been a lot of help to me. This will be my third year doing ASL, but my first year on this site, and I have enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks again!

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing here. I love the way you teach ASL and am really enjoying learning it. I’m not deaf, but have always had a fascination with friends. Thanks again!!!

Learning ASL has not been as hard as I expected. There are some signs that are hard for me to remember, but I’m sure that’s normal, especially for beginners like me. My favorite part of this course is probably just learning the signs themselves. It’s cool to be able to speak in a different language. Well, I guess not “speak”, but technically sign a different language. I am learning even more than I had expected! I expected it to be more like signed English, but ASL is so different, but in a good way. I’ve learned a lot about deaf culture. Also about how to act around a deaf person.

I’ve completed all 3 levels of free courses offered at StartASL.com. Since beginning, I’ve been able to converse with a Deaf friend for more than an hour, understand some of the simpler videos on YouTube, and understand more than half of the ASL translations of “Welcome to Night Vale.” This course was beneficial because it offers concepts like classifiers as batches, rather than one at a time; I learn better that way. I am an Autistic adult, partially mute, and getting more mute with age. My spouse is hard of hearing, so ASL is quickly becoming our primary means of communicating. This resource has been a blessing in a difficult economy.

I have enjoyed and learned so much from this amazing website!!! Thanks and keep up the great job.

My experience has enhanced my relationship with my daughter. We have conversations online now with Skype. My start was a little rocky, but as time progressed and the few times I signed with my daughter, I started to feel more at ease. I am still a little hesitant, but the slow process from an old man’s point of view is slow but consistent. Trying to read the signs seems to be the most fun for me. Watching the conversations online are my favorite part of class. I still struggle sometimes, but I am learning what I set out to do with the motivation of sharing this with my little girl. Thank you M. for the opportunity.

I have been trying to learn sign language for several years and I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I think I needed some motivation and someone to help me stay on track. I have always loved your website and how it is set up. I have seen other ASL sites, and there typically is no one to help when you need it, plus it just doesn’t run smoothly like yours. Your site offers so many classes, help with classes, and the work that needs done with those classes, as well as so many books that you offer at great prices! One of the top qualities attributed to your site is that everyone is so friendly! The customer service is fantastic! I have recommended your site to several people I know and they are impressed just like I am.

Man, am I ever enjoying this online class! I cannot currently afford to enroll in a college or community ASL course right now, but this wonderful internet class enables me to do something right now & not have to wait until such time as I CAN afford the real world thing. A huge “thank you” to everyone here at StartASL.com. I specifically appreciate the slower motion of the alphabet & numbers, though it gets a bit tougher for me with the actual video conversations. Which, of course, mimic real life, so I NEED to be able to catch on time full speed ASL between people. I also like the way I can take this course at my own comfortable rate–some days I have more time to devote to it than others, but I can always learn at my own pace. I’ve long wanted to be able to sign as a service to our church’s deaf members, but never moved beyond that “want to” stage til now. Thanks so much for making this a real possibility for me.

I’m glad that this site is available to people who cannot afford classes. I was born deaf, but due to the school rules in the small town where I was born, signing was illegal. I always felt so shy because I was forced to learn how to talk despite not being confident. Now I can relearn ASL and become confident in everything I do. Thank you so much for making this site for people.

I am learning ASL for the first time. This program is an excellent jump-off point to begin your studies. It is easy to comprehend and very mobile. Most importantly, as a full time police officer it is difficult to make it to classes so I really appreciate being able to study at my own pace.

Thank you for starting this program! My grandmother was an interpreter and my mother and aunt and uncle all use ASL to communicate among themselves… I’m sad to say I was never taught very much and am trying to learn as much as possible on my own. Thanks to EVERYONE who has given their time and effort to making this program possible!

I’ve been wanting to learn ASL for quite some time. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I love how clear the videos are and that I can do it at my own pace. I also love that there are quizzes to keep me on track. I like going back and watching some of the videos over and over again so that I can really get it. I’m so very impressed and grateful for the hard work that has gone into the class. I’ve only completed the first two units and can’t believe how much I’ve already learned. GREAT JOB!!! Thanks so much!

The whole set up of the site is perfect! There are many different ways to practice and it gives you everything you need, seriously. I didn’t think I would have as much as I have in ASL 1 but I learn a lot! This site has taught me the most out of any other site. Trust me I’ve been to many sites and they only give you half the info you need. This is a great site and I recommend it to everyone!

I am mute. I hear, but I can’t speak. My whole life, I have gotten by on writing every word I’ve ever had to say. I won’t get in to details, but my situation growing up left me learning just to understand spoken word, and write back. Nobody has patience to read what I jot, and it’s limiting to write it all. So, I rarely said anything to anybody. Now… I’m learning ASL from StartASL.com as I couldn’t afford to go take a course somewhere. My life is very different. There are people I can just communicate with, just talk to. No need to rummage around for some paper or a gadget. I have friends who actually include me in group conversations. Something as simple as “How are you?” doesn’t require I find a pen!

I took ASL 1 and 2 30 years ago in Community College. I had always hoped to continue but never found the time. My skills were rusty at best and I was ready to give up when I found StartASL. Wow! First I signed up for the email newsletter. Then I purchased the classes by month and the e-books, and now I’m ready to consider the tutoring services. I love this site! Thanks and keep up the good work!

I started going to a sign language class being offered by our local church & discovered that I was the only one who was fluent in sign (even the teachers fluency is questionable). If it were not for you doing what you do best, I would seriously be going crazy right about now. I have always wanted to teach sign language and now thanks to you, I may get the chance. Your confidence in your students has given me confidence that becoming dependent on sign language is not the end of the world. My 15 yr old is now well on her way to being fluent & even encouraged me to translate a preschool song I had done years ago into sign language that we taught to the church class.

Michelle you are an AMAZING person. Thank you so much for everything you do.

I take a paid online course and use this to supplement that course. If it weren’t for this course I probably wouldn’t have advanced so quickly in my other course. The organization of this course is great. I am now in level 2.5 in my other class and looking forward to starting level two here. Thank you, Michelle, for such an enjoyable way to learn a beautiful language.

I’m hearing and I’ve always wanted to learn sign language to have a job as an interpreter! Now I can! I’m only on unit 2, but having so much fun learning. My friends at school are so jealous of my skill and want me to teach them! If you’re frustrated just go slow and don’t quit! You’ll be signing in no time!

Thank you for sharing your reasons for the speed in signing in your videos. I agree with you 100%! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to watch ASL at the speed of fluent signers. I believe this helps in the ability to learn the language in a natural way. Not needing to focus on every single sign, but the context and meaning of the overall content. My teachers have all been wonderful and I am fortunate to have been taught by Deaf teachers who are passionate about Deaf Culture. But I have been taught by signing slowly at first, picking out each individual word, and slowly increasing speed as we go. For me, it has taught me bad habits that are hard to break! I think, had I learned the speed from the beginning, with the cadence and flow of the language, advanced signing concepts would have come far easier and more naturally. In the end, I just wanted to thank you for sticking to your principles. I agree with those principles completely! It really seems like the best method to use for long-term success! Again, thank you for all that your classes do in teaching this beautiful language. Especially for those of us who may not have the opportunity to communicate in the Deaf community as often as we would like. It has helped me a great deal.

These classes have definitely been an experience for me. Before I started to take these classes, I hardly knew any sign language. Then my friend started signing all of these new signs, and I was like, Where did you learn all of these signs. She said that she found a website with different chapters, and books. Each chapter has phrases and vocabulary each with its own video on how to do it. Overall, I absolutely love these classes and will continue to take them until I am done with all of the chapters/units in each book.

We would like to thank you so much for offering this course. I have a deaf son who is extremely successful in both the hearing and deaf community. After graduating from college, he worked in jobs from the East Coast to the West Coast and back and did it completely on his own. We are very proud of him. He attended both schools for the deaf and was mainstreamed. We knew that signing was his preference but he also is a wonderful lip reader and his speech is pretty good. As a result, we did little to no signing with him at home. I took the signing classes at least four times but my heart was never in it. I know a lot of vocabulary words but have a hard time reading it. Your site has given me the opportunity to read it and to explore deaf culture. It has been extremely helpful and has helped me see things in a different light. Guess it’s never too late to mend some fences. Thank you again.

I’m 16 and can’t believe how quickly I’ve been able to pick this up! Unit 1 was very easy and enjoyable. This is a great resource for the low price of FREE!

I took all 3 classes and was amazed at the attention to detail Michelle took to design this course. Michelle’s course is organized, well-thought out, and fun. I learned a lot! The videos were my favorite part. Since I already had quite a bit of vocabulary under my belt, I wanted practice reading a variety of signers while learning ASL grammar. This course gave me just that. I highly recommend it for anyone learning ASL. THANK YOU, Michelle Jay!

This is beautiful & free, thank you so much! Very interesting and I learned alot

I am a retired professional and am going deaf very rapidly. I took two classes with a Deaf Action Center in another town. Then we moved and there is no DAC here. Then I found Start ASL and find the instruction and action of the signers excellent. The key for me is repeat, repeat, repeat. Then go stand in front of a mirror and practice. Thank you all!

I am currently a student studying ASL. This online resource is much better than the classes I am currently paying for. This will definitely be a valuable resource that I will tell my classmates about. So far, I love it!!!

This was an amazing program to learn from! It was informative, easy to follow, and most of all FUN! I would highly highly recommend anyone and everyone to this site/program! I finished all the free classes and now want to continue my education with the paid site! Great learning! Thank youuu!!! My favorite part was signing back to the interpreters. I can’t wait to extend my vocabulary and get out there and learn more! Thank you again!

To anybody out there that is going to start ASL, this is an awesome way to start. The best thing about it is that you can go back to refresh your memory. Don’t worry about any strange looks you my get from your kids or wife or husband, keep going, you can do it.

I have been learning more in just about one week using this course than in about 2 years with books. It is much easier and much more fun.

Over a year ago, I took some ASL classes at a local college. While I tried to maintain their pace, I felt as if I was rushed along. I made the decision to quit once I reached ASL 4 because I felt like I wasn’t grasping it effectively. The instructor was Deaf and I could only understand bits and pieces of the class. I felt defeated in learning the language but my desire still remained. I am grateful for this site and will use it faithfully at my own pace. Besides, being part of the Deaf Ministry at my church and performing songs at deaf locations, this site will help me in becoming a more effective communicator. Thank you.

Michelle – your website is so impressive! I am an RID certified freelance interpreter seeking resources to help improve and expand signing skills in our communities. A signer in Florida sent your information and raved about how it has helped her in her area. You are to be commended. I am sharing your information with our ITP and other interpreter organizations. I pray for your continued success.

I have loved it so far. Lessons are easy to follow yet challenging and the videos are clear. Also, I can look at the lessons using my smart phone! Woo hoo!

I think the structure of this class and the emphasis on ASL (vs. Signed English) is terrific. It’s important in learning sign language to actually use it! The workbook/self-graded tests are helpful to reinforce what I’ve already learned and to see where I need more work. I work full-time, have a face-to-face sign language class I attend once a week, plus other activities, so this is a perfect class for me that I can do at my own pace. Thanks for making this available!

I am really enjoying your program and it is feeling good to get back to my roots. I am a 50 year old lady that has been hard of hearing since birth, but has been trained to survive in the hearing world. I was made to quit signing when entering the 4th grade level, so I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to try to learn ASL and the proper forms.

This site is amazing!!! I tried looking everywhere for ways to learn sign language. This site has helped me so much and it’s all in one place, seeing the signs is so much easier than actually trying to get it off of pictures. I am learning ASL for fun and this is so much better than going all over the internet. Thanks again, you did a great job.

I lost my hearing about two years ago. I certainly didn’t expect that to happen. It’s somewhat like falling over a cliff. I started looking on the internet for help. I’ve learned a world of knowledge from this site. The lessons are systematically teaching me ASL. It’s probably safe to say that you are never again going to acquire any kind of education for free!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this site. I started with the free classes and then switched to the membership classes. This site has helped my husband and I understand and pick up ASL so quickly. I’m hard of hearing, and my husband and I love the ability to learn together. We now are able to better communicate to the fullest we have ever been able to do. Thank you so much.

I need to take an ASL class for college but the class was moving faster than my understanding of ASL was developing, so I had to drop the class. Your class has filled in a lot of the missing gaps and I am really starting to understand ASL. Thank you for putting this together so well!

I started out knowing absolutely nothing about ASL or the deaf community. I simply didn’t expect to lose my hearing. This class has helped me more than I can say. I’m still shocked that this class is free. I thought that absolutely nothing is free anymore. I’m very thankful to Michelle and all of her assistants for giving of their time and energy to provide this class.

I don’t have very many options here so I had been using books and flash cards for awhile, but when I found you online course I was really happy. Thank you so much for your hard work in making this course available. I hope that your classes continue to be able a blessing to other people as they have been to me.

I have a deaf classmate in my class, and thanks to these classes, I am able to communicate with him and it feels really great to learn a totally different language!

My name is Julia and I just started learning sign language for something to do and found it soooooo interesting! This site is fantastic and is really helping me get along with it, and is much better than other sites. It’s not that hard, so just give it a go and you might find that you just like it.

I’m enjoying this class. Very interesting. I’m motivating my husband to start too!!!

I’m 15 and I was very interested in learning sign when I was at a picnic last summer… So I started looking for things, and I found this site! It’s been so great in my learning, I can’t wait until I’m fluent and I can have REAL conversations with deaf people!! Thank you so much for this site!!

I have started a new club at school so we can all learn… The way this website is set up makes learning so easy. I love it!

I really appreciate this class. I like that I can play the videos over as many times as I want. And this class is FREE!

I’m really, really grateful I found this site, especially the free courses because I’m on disability and can’t afford to pay for something else. The video presentations in this coursework and the attention to ‘real-life’ application of skills is as close to practicing with a ‘native-speaker’ as I can get. You – all of you – are a blessing.

Wow where do I start? This site has helped me so much I may not be the best but I am getting there! Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to learn sign language and be an interpreter and this site is helping me do just that. Thank you for your help I don’t know what I would do if I never saw this site. Thank You and God bless!!!

Thank you Michelle for sharing your knowledge with us, I truly appreciate it. I live 75 miles from the nearest school that offers ASL courses and that is not feasible at this time. I will tell everyone who is interested in learning ASL about this site, I have already learned so much. Thank you again you are doing an awesome job teaching us!

[The] Start ASL course is a great supplement to [my] community class. The combination of video, text, and the workbook is helpful, and it reinforces what I’m learning and teaches me new things. I love that I can set my own pace, and create a hybrid of class work and online work… So thank you, Michelle, for creating this site and offering free lessons!

I really really love this stuff! ASL is so awesome! This course is the best. I have been to a few other online ASL courses free and paid for. This is by far the best one I have come across. I tell every one I come across who is interested in learning ASL about this site. It rocks!

I really appreciate this website. My niece was born hard of hearing and will probably lose all of her hearing during her lifetime. I want to learn ASL, but do not have the money for college classes. Thank you so much for making my goals possible!

I just started this course and love it! I’m 14 and I think this is a very helpful tool in today’s society. Thank you Start ASL for giving me education I can use every day!!!!

I loved ASL 1 and can’t wait to move on the the second class. I am learning so much and am so thankful for all the work these people have put into making the videos, etc. I have recommended a few of my friends to this website.

Thank you! I feel like the free self study course was full of useful information and very professionally done! The actors were great! It shows me how much I have to learn! Thank you so much for offering this. I found it challenging and rewarding, and I believe as I grow, I will come back to this site, and re-watch the videos for more practice.

I have started the free ASL course and so far I love it. It allows me to go at my own pace and I can constantly review the information I have gone over. Thank you so much for this website.

I have learned a lot in this class, and I am very thankful that this site is available to students such as myself. Thank you for making this site!

This site is the best I have ever seen and I am a doctor.

Hi Start ASL I’m 13 years old and my friend and I are very talkative in class and therefore we get in trouble often. So I suggested we make up hand signals or learn ASL. SO we searched up ASL and found your amazing site!! Very fun and helping a lot, neither of us has received a lunch detention since we started! Thanks Start ASL!!

I work in a retail store in an area with a sizable deaf community… After a quick search I found this site, and spent the weekend doing Unit 1 (yes, all in one weekend)… In just under three weeks I have had about 12 full interactions in ASL. I have recommended this site to everyone who has asked me where I learned, and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for this.

I love your web site, I feel like I am learning so much in just a short period of time.

I am an ASL/Interpreter student at a Texas community college and I have to say that your new books in the series DJSC are amazing! I actually told the staff there that these books are better than the ASL 4 textbooks we used last semester!

Amazing- You have NO idea!!!! I took a year of ASL and couldn’t find anything to help me study outside of class. It was really frustrating. This course is not only a great review, but the perfect compliment to information I learned in the classroom! Thank you… thank you!

I give this site 5 stars! I am a stay-at-home mom of twin 3-year old boys. They are my little handfuls, and I don’t have alot of personal time. I found this site after realizing that I wanted to learn a lot more than what I was learning on YouTube. I am on ASL 1 / Unit 2 and loving every second of it. It’s very addicting, and I would recommend this site to anybody.

I love this site! I’ve tried to learn ASL before and I quickly lost interest. But with this site the courses test me to make sure I’m learning!

This is a great way to refresh my skills before going on to my next semester at the college! Thank you!

I’ve been infatuated with American Sign Language for the longest time, but have just recently started to teach myself. The lessons on this website have been a tremendous help and I’m learning very quickly. Thank you so much, I’m really enjoying the experience.

I find this program extremely convenient, as I can incorporate it into my daily school routine. I also volunteer at a history museum, so it is very nice to be able to communicate with deaf guests, and I know that they appreciate a hearing youth who takes the time to learn their language and culture. All in all, this is a great program that I would recommend to all of my friends!

I enjoyed every minute of the course. It was so clear and so easy to understand I swear I could never forget anything I learned because it was fun and fun experiences always stay in our minds… and to think all of this is offered for FREE!! I love this website and the people who made it, thank you so much.

This website is really amazing for anyone who wants to learn sign language! It’s amazing how fun it is and how quickly I’m learning in such a short time. It’s so great that it’s free because it’s fun, convenient, and it’s just a fast way to learn a new language.

Hi I love this website! I’m 13 years old and I’m learning sign language because I think it’s very cool. When I learn to speak fluently I want to teach some of my friends, and I’m going to recommend this site to them.

My name is Jake, I am 14 years old and got inspired to learn ASL from an interpreter at my school. I just want to let you know that I purchased your books and appreciate how much work went into all 3 of them. I look forward to continuing my ASL learning with your START ASL series and website. THANK YOU!

I’m just commenting to thank you for the site. I’ve recently started working with a deaf child, and I want to be able to speak his native language. I’m proud to say that I was able to introduce myself at our first meeting, thanks to this site. He was overjoyed to know that I was learning for him and it’s helping us both feel a little less isolated. Thank you!

I’ve wanted to learn ASL for so long but I never knew where to start. This is so perfect for me. I can do this so that it fits my schedule without spending the large amount of money that classes cost. It’s perfect and I’ve learned so much already! It is a fantastic program! Thank you!

I love these classes!! I have wanted to learn ASL for a while now and now I’m finally doing it!! I just love how easy the classes and getting everything is!

If someone is diligent they can learn just as much from this website as in the college classes, which would cost thousands of dollars! Now I have the resources to actually get fluent and I’m so excited!! Great website, great class, thanks Michelle and all of you for your hard work!! You guys are amazing! I love you all!!

Hi Michelle. My name is Erica I am 20yrs old and I live in NYC the Bronx. I can not express how HAPPY I was to find your website! I have really and truly been enjoying your online courses and appreciate all the work you have done to put this site together. So far I am up to Unit 7 and loving every bit of it (especially at my own pace). I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!

I love this class! I get to do an hour a day for my schoolwork! Thank you so much for creating a terrific website that’s FREE to use and you actually learn stuff! I love the site! I enjoy my hour a day and I wish I could do more! One day I’ll be talking to deaf people everywhere! And me and my friends will have a secret language! Thanks!

I am practicing the second lesson of your videos. It is the easiest to understand, easy to follow and made in a way that makes you keep interest. God bless you. Thanks so much for your hard work.

I’m so grateful that you’ve put this together and I look forward to more and more lessons. I love ASL and studied at University, but now I need a lot of refreshing and I haven’t seen any other organized system like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for putting this website up. I learned the ASL alphabet by teaching myself when I was 11 in the Encyclopedia, then when it became recognized as a language, I was able to take classes. Unfortunately, I had a pedestrian accident, I got hit by a truck, and had a head injury, and forgot all that I had learned for several years. I look forward to learning again.

We have a 3 year old daughter/sister who suffers from autism spectrum disorder and apraxia. We decided to learn sign language to try to communicate with her. This website has helped us learn ASL. We have 5 people learning this language and we can practice with each other at our own pace. It has been a nice experience to learn a language while spending time with my family in the comfort of our own home.

I am 12 years old and I am the only one in my family who is learning sign language. It is so hard to find such good material like this for free. It must of taken so much time to learn it, and to make a website full of many different units, it must of taken so long! Thank you.

This website has been amazing with helping me improve my ASL skills. I was able to sign sentences but I would have trouble learning ASL structure. Start ASL made sentence structure easy to understand and also helped me strengthen my ASL vocabulary as well. I would recommend this to everyone with a passion for American Sign Language. I enjoyed following along with the videos and I hope you do too!

These classes really have me excited! I have never been so passionate, so in love with a course as I am this one. I love the class, I love the instructor, and I am having a fantastic time learning ASL, and the culture, history, and grammar that goes with it!

I think this set-up is awesome. It is very easy to catch on with the way it’s presented. I love the quizzes and challenges at the end of each session!

Thanks so much for this free course. I’m a single parent and I really wanted to take a class at the college but hated to leave my daughter alone. Thanks so much for taking out your valuable time to post this online for all that have a great passion for learning.

This class is great! I actually started this course because I am taking it right now at my college and we meet only once per week. There is a test every week and only a book to study from, so it’s difficult. I wanted to get some visual practice between classes. I am going to recommend this site to my college ASL classmates. So they can use it to supplement our course as well. Thanks!

I’m so grateful that you’ve put this together and I look forward to more and more lessons. I love ASL and studied at University, but now I need a lot of refreshing and I haven’t seen any other organized system like this! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love it! It’s teaching me ALL about ASL! And it’s a lot of fun at the same time! Thank you for a great experience!

I am enjoying this class very much. I appreciate the way it is structured. I don’t have a favorite part I like every section. I am progressing little by little. I learn a little more with each lesson. Thank you so very much for giving me this opportunity to learn. I am late-deaf I need to learn how to communicate in ASL.

I found the courses to be excellent. It really helped me recall many of the signs I knew long ago and, now, I’m prepared to go even further. Thank you so much for putting together this site and making it available for free.

This is excellent for me. I wanted to use ASL for a long time. I am so happy that I have the opportunity of getting this free class. Words are not enough to express the joy I am feeling for this great opportunity. Thanks a million.

I love these lessons! So easy and practical. I’ve worked through lessons 1-2 in an hour and have learned so much already. I’m excited to meet my Deaf friend next week for lunch. I can already sign so many words and questions. Thank you so much! I’m working on making synagogue services accessible to Deaf people and this helps immensely.

I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Nursing and feel it could be necessary one day for me to be able to speak to ALL types of people, this includes the deaf and hard of hearing. My university does not offer an ASL class, so this was one of my only choices. I enjoy the learn at your own pace setting and being able to work when I’m able to without pressure to learn. Thanks Start ASL!

This is awesome!! I am a mother to a deaf child and have taken formal sign language classes and with 5 family members it gets expensive. Your site allows us to do the curriculum at our pace, on our schedule, and not having to worry about the cost. I am going to send it to all the people involved with my daughter or in similar situations. Thank you!

I am really enjoying this online course. I met a girl, years ago, who was 15, and no one knew how to communicate with her. I got an ASL book and started learning signs. She moved and I stopped signing and lost nearly all my memory of signs. It’s great to get back into it. It is so helpful to be able to stop and start the videos. I am really benefiting from the course!

I had always been a language-crazy person. I just want to know all the languages. Yes, even sign language. I am very fortunate to be able to find this site that not only enables me to learn signing but also provides the history of deaf, exercises, and example clips. I really want to thank you for creating this site to provide people like me an opportunity to learn ASL.

I am a Deaf Educator. I was so thrilled to see this available online. I can study at my own pace and at any time of day. Though I already had a good sign vocabulary, I love watching the ASL conversations as forming ASL sentences is my weak area. I am learning so much. This is so beneficial for me. Thank you.

I fell in love with sign language ever since I’ve been watching helpful baby signing videos with my son. He is 5 months and he now knows when I sign ‘milk’. He kicks his little legs and he screams to show me that he wants milk. From that point on, I knew I wanted to pursue sign language and use it as part of my life. Thank you so much for having this website available.

This class has really helped me so far. I started ASL a few weeks ago and I was having a hard time being able to get the language down. Then a friend told me about this site and I have been picking it up much easier since. Thank you for providing the site, it’s been a huge help.

This is really great. I am currently taking a class called Communicating with the Deaf at a tech school, but outside of class I have no one to practice with. This course is great practice for me. I love it!!!!!!

This website is great. I can’t believe this service is free as I am finding it invaluable. Just stumbling upon this resource has inspired me to complete the entire course, learn ASL and start volunteering in some way to help the deaf community. It is a beautiful language. It just feels so natural when signing. Thank you so much for this awesome site!

I’m 13 years old and have been deaf since age 3. Yes, I have learned much sign language before this, but your site is by far the best, easiest, and most fun and involved way so far. Your site means so much to me and I dont know what I’d do without it.

I don’t know what to say except thank you for all the hard work that you all put into this website. I have three children who all are hearing impaired. I cannot afford the college programs to learn ASL and we live so far away. Without this website I do not know what I would do. Again, thank you so much and may God Bless each and every one of you.

Hello, My name is Rebekah. I have been wanting to learn ASL since I was in the 4th grade. I never really knew where to go to learn more. I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity. My sister and I have been learning this together for the past week. Thank you again

I’m enjoying the lessons very much! I have been wanting to learn sign language, to be able to speak to the deaf community and to teach my children! I scour the library for books but I find videos and practice work best!

Finally an online class that teaches you that learning ASL means more than knowing how to bend your fingers. We all learn in ways that are right for us…this class truly allows us to learn at our own pace…and our instructor won’t get upset or tired of us asking…’Can you repeat that, please?’

I am deaf but I wasn’t born deaf. I started losing my hearing in middle school and I am now 24. When I saw this site I felt a lot of joy because the big reason I didn’t try to learn ASL was because classes were too expensive. My friends are happy that I’m finally taking action and so am I.

I LOVE this site! It’s the best one I’ve found!! I started learning sign at our church and I love it!!! I am going to further my education so I can become an interpreter. I love learning sign and I LOVE this site! I will definitely tell everyone about it!! Thank you!!

Thank you for your site and books! You have the resources all in one place. I’m teaching ASL to beginners and was trying to find a good book/site to direct them too. Your site is exactly what they need. I will direct them here and suggest they buy your books as I have. Keep up the great work!

Your website is AMAZING!! I love how it is organized by units it is so easy to follow. Thank you!

I have been using your site and it has been really amazing. It is the most comprehensive tool out there and I have learned so much about the actual language as opposed to just simple phrases that I can copy. With your site and all the work you guys have put into it, I can actually formulate my own sentences instead of just copying phrases. Thank you so much!

I have been using and following this site since it was brand new and have LOVED it. As this site has grown it did not all of a sudden become, ‘ok here is the free stuff but if you want the good stuff you have to pay’ like so many sites do, and the site grew into a community feeling and not a corporation.

You are amazing! I took ASL 101 my first semester in college then as the second semester began they told me 102 was canceled. I have narrowed my career options to either interpreting or being an elementary school guidence counselor. I want to take more classes in sign to see if it is really for me while I am taking classes for counseling. This site is amazing.

Oh, my, what an ambitious website and completely accurate! A true labor of love and honest, too, in its admission of entrepreneurship; although I don’t understand where you are earning money by providing such a free treasure of information. May you have the best and keep on growing!

Hi Michelle. I am a hearing educator. I have always been interested in ASL. I lost a lot of my hearing in the 4th grade from daily swimming. I think your site is very comprehensive and innovative. Thank you.

Hi Michelle! I just found your website and I’m very excited about the possibility of learning sign language online FOR FREE! Your approach seems professional, intelligent, and genuine. That fact comes across very well on your website. I just wanted to say Thank You for putting up the site, and I look forward to getting started.

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for offering a free online ASL course. A couple of weeks ago I discovered your site and have now worked through unit 6. I think you are putting together an excellent course and I love what you’ve done so far with the workbook, drills and quizzes. Your videos are good quality and your site easy to navigate – great job!

Thank you for your site and books! You have the resources all in one place. I’m teaching ASL to beginners and was trying to find a good book/site to direct them too. Your site is exactly what they need. I will direct them here and suggest they buy your books as I have. Keep up the great work!

I just wanted to tell you that I think your site is great! I’ve been wanting to learn sign language for years and was never able to find decent instruction. I am looking forward to completing the lessons you’ve made.

This website is so awesome! I love coming here everyday after school. Keep up the great work you have been doing. Thank you for inspiring me to learn more and more about sign language. You are truly a genius.

This site is EXCELLENT! THANK YOU. I’m a child care provider working 72 hour weeks. How cool is this–it’s free and the best part I dont have to sit with my parents for numerous hours explaining how to sign simple signs. I can refer them to this site. Thank you for giving me a few extra minutes in my hectic life.

Hello, My Name is Shirley and I just wanted to say thank you for teaching ASL. I just went deaf over the last year and I have been learning sign language. Keep up the wonderful work and God will bless you.

Hi. I just wanted to say that I think this website is GREAT! I took an ASL 1 class in school and I was just like you, I fell in love! So I was looking online for where I can continue my learning and when I found this website, I was very happy! Fantastic job!

This is a really great site. I am learning to teach my non-speeking daughter and can’t afford the materials. Thank you for doing this site

This site is awesome!! I’m a child care teacher, and I have two students in my class whose parents use sign at home. One of them has to sign with both of her parents – they’re both deaf. This site has really helped me to communicate with them (in addition to the signs they’ve taught me). Thank you so much!!

Hello! Thank you for putting up such a wonderful site. I have been looking for something like this for such a long time, and I am thrilled at how fast I am learning. Thanks for your time and effort.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you providing this free resource for those of us trying to learn ASL. I especially enjoy your monthly newsletters. I always look forward to it when I see it appear in my inbox. Keep up the great work – I wish there was some way I could help!

I think your website is awesome. I admire you for the willingness to help others learn. I have tried to learn where I live, but there is only one college that teaches it, and I really can’t afford to attend. Sometimes I wonder if I’m not too old to learn however. Thank you for your work.

I am an interpreting student in IL. I am about to start my second year and am so excited. I have been using your site for extra practice when I can fit it into my busy schedule. I love this site so much that I am doing a presentation to my class about it next week. I’m excited because none of my classmates have even heard of it. Thanks for the Awesome site. You are a great encouragement.

Wow! I always wanted to learn ASL, but my high school dosen’t offer it. I have done unit 1 and I think it is amazing, and I’m picking it up fast! I think everyone should learn ASL, because it really is an amazing language and communicating source. Thank You!!!

Michelle, Wow, I was looking for quotes from famous Deaf people and found your site. I am a teacher of ASL in a high school in PA. I can’t wait to share this site with my students who may need extra help. Thank you.

Thank you sooooooo much for creating this learning site. I’ve been wishing for something like this for a long time. I love ASL and want to become an interpreter someday but it’s not possible for me to attend formal classes at this time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is wonderful.

This is a great site, thank you very much. I have a serious girlfriend, and she has said how she wanted to teach her child sign language as a baby. Your site has really helped us get a head start on the process. Thank you.

I just wanted to thank you! I have been interested in learning sign language for many years. I am enjoying myself and I am only halfway through ASL 1. I just wanted to let you know that someone out there is getting a lot out of your website. Once again, thank you!!

Hi! I’m a Deaf and Hard of hearing specialist that works in Ceres, CA and I just found your website on Sunday night. I must say, you have put a ton of hours and heart into this site! I appreciate all the time you have invested into your site. It will be a true asset to anyone who finds you. Well Done!

I am a high school ASL teacher in Ohio and just discovered your site….this is absolutely awesome!! It is so comprehensive and organized …I am using it for supplemental assignments in my classes. Thank you thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you for this program. I have always been interested in ASL, but it was never offered at any of the schools I went to. I’m really glad I found your program. I just finished Unit 5, and I think I’m picking it up really fast. Thank you so much for making this program available.

Just wanted to say I love your site. I’ve always wanted to learn ASL since I was a teen–many years ago. I am finally taking ASL 1 and soon ASL 2 at the college. But your site is great for reviewing!

I would just like to thank you so much for making this website. I go to university in a small city and there are no ASL classes anywhere. I am happily surprised that someone took the time to put such a great resource on the internet for free. You must have spent many many hours on this! Thank you so much!

Let me start off by saying thank you for creating such a fantastic website. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language and now thanks to your videos I can do so.

I just found you on the internet and I’m thrilled. I’ve been trying to learn sign language on my own and it’s been tough. I’m going to start your course and I want to thank you in advance for providing such a wonderful site…you’re terrific!!!!

I would just like to thank you for all the amazing information you have on this website! You can totally tell that you put in time and effort, especially research! It has been so helpful with my school project. Thanks.

Hi, I have always had a fascination with sign language for no particular reason other than I am a very visual person. I have always wanted to learn and happening upon your website has been amazing thus far. I love that I can learn at my own speed with videos and a workbook. Thanks for your website. It is very informative – huge help. Keep up the good work.

Hello, my name is Tarah. I just wanted to personally thank you for making this website. It is absolutely wonderful and I am grateful that I stumbled upon it. I have been using it for the past few weeks now and it really works. You did a great job.

I love your website, and the fact that you’re teaching ASL for FREEE!!

Hey! My name is Catriana D. and I just wanted to thank you so much for these amazing classes. Thanks to you I have become addicted to sign language and your editing job recently makes the classes even more perfect. God bless!

Just wanted to send a friendly thank you. This site is a great resource to anyone interested in learning ASL who doesn’t have money to shell out for the class. I wish more people would share their knowledge of various languages in such an instructional way online. Thanks again.

Hi Michelle, Being very new to this ASL world, I just wanted to encourage you. Your site is great! As a true beginner, I have really enjoyed the materials and resources so far. Don’t grow weary in well-doing. What you are providing is so awesome! God Bless You.

I want to tell you what an amazing job you have done with this site! Truly awesome! Thank you!! Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing!

Hello! This site is awesome. I’m having a great time working through the units. Thank you so much for putting the effort into this!

Hey there. I just wanted to say this website is awesome. I have no one to practice with, and it’s a lot nicer than just staring at text books and notes. Thanks!

My name is Danine. I wanted to learn sign language and I stumbled on your website and I wanted to give you positive feedback about how much I love it. I am taking it rather slowly but your curriculum always has me coming back. I feel so great after I complete each level. You’ve done a great job with the videos and I don’t feel pressured. I feel encouraged. I’m glad I found you. I’m not sure what I will do with what I’ve learned. I do work at a library and I hope that maybe one day my skills could help someone in the deaf community. This website is helping me get there.  Thank you so much for all that you do.