Becoming A Sign Language Interpreter

October 1, 2010
Category: ASL Careers

Becoming an American Sign Language interpreter is a very popular choice for many ASL students.

People choose to become interpreters because they love American Sign Language, love Deaf people, and enjoy being exposed to a wide variety of interesting subject matter and experiences. Interpreting is a very fun and rewarding career. You get to wake up every morning and go out into the world and provide a valuable service.

Here are some articles that include information you need to become an ASL interpreter or how to find one in your area:

Be sure to keep in mind that you need to be willing to work hard to gain the skills and experience necessary for this type of work. Before you begin your interpreting education, we highly recommend doing some research to make sure this is the right career for you.


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  • I need help on interpreting like a tutor any suggestions?

  • Hi there. My name is Nikki and I am an eighth grade student at DuBois Area Middle School. I am very interested in becoming a licensed Interpreter for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing students when I am older. I have been researching colleges with this major that may help, but haven’t had much luck in finding anything that looks good or seems like it will help. Is there anyone who could maybe suggest colleges or direct me to somewhere that can? Thanks!

    • RIT has a great Program!I would look into that

    • Check out University of Northern Colorado, Western Oregon, or maybe Ohio.

    • I live not too far from two wonderful colleges. I know one gives college credit for ASL 1 and ASL 2 to high school students who want to take these classes for both high school and college credit. The first school is a community college (2 year college) and has an ASL interpreter program and is Pierce college: the other one is California State University in Northridge. Both are in Southern California. Good luck!

  • Hi, my name is Savannah Nickell and I have been wanting to learn sign language to become an interpreter. I know some signing but now that I’m a Freshman at Gahanna Lincoln I want to stick with
    it. I’ve known very little signing since I was 7 and i would really love to hear more about this school

  • My daughter would love to become a sign language interpreter. Is it usually a 2 year process, a 4 year process? We are in the Midwest and she is a senior in high school. Where do we start? We see there are four year colleges with that major, but she is also an amazing musician so she wants to major in music and also become certified to become a sign language interpreter. Is this possible?

    • Hi Cathy, Depending on her school, she may be able to major in music and minor in ASL interpreting. There are usually two year programs available for interpreting – it just depends on the programs available at her school.

    • Has your daughter considered University of Northern Colorado? They have amazing programs for both of those fields. I am currently in competition for the interpreting program there.

  • Hello,

    I am interested in becoming a licensed sign and language interpreter. I am currently employed at a facility that specializes in providing aid and services to people that have intellectual disabilities and I believe that such services would be a huge asset. How can I go about accomplishing this task?

    • Be sure to check out our articles on this page – they explain some of the steps involved in becoming certified. You can also find our recommended books on the topic as well: