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October 1, 2010
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American Sign Language Vocabulary

This free online ASL dictionary is for you!

It’s a great way to brush up on your vocabulary and learn new vocab as well. However, it’s not the best way to learn ASL, so don’t forget to check out our free American Sign Language online classes where you can start learning sign language and not just vocabulary!


Top 150 Basic Words in Sign Language

ASL Alphabet

American Sign Language Numbers

American Sign Language Phrases

American Sign Language Colors

Baby Sign Language Dictionary

I LOVE YOU in Sign Language

We have basically compiled an ASL online dictionary from the words used for vocabulary in our ASL classes. We are constantly adding new words to this dictionary.

It should also be mentioned that an American Sign Language dictionary is not the best way to learn American Sign Language. ASL has a grammar and syntax structure as well as facial expressions that cannot be learned through a dictionary. You can learn sign language by taking one of our online ASL classes on this website. We highly recommend using the classes to learn American Sign Language, and the ASL dictionary to learn the vocabulary.


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