American Sign Language Tutoring

Start ASL’s American Sign Language Tutor Program

Are you an ASL student struggling with certain ASL topics? Do you need someone to practice with? Are you looking for personalized and professional help while learning ASL? Then you’ve come to the right place! Start ASL’s American Sign Language Tutor Program will help you get over those difficult learning “bumps” with professional one-on-one online ASL tutoring.

All tutoring sessions are 30 minutes or one hour (30 or 60 minutes) in length and are completed using the free Skype program and a webcam.

To get started with tutoring sessions, all you need is:

  • A webcam. (Click Here for our recommendations)
  • The free Skype program and a Skype ID. (
  • High speed internet access.
  • To know that session times are always shown in Pacific Time (see current time), so be sure to plan accordingly!

An ASL tutor can help you:

  • Get instant feedback from an ASL professional
  • Improve your expressive and receptive skills
  • Better understand a particular topic or aspect of ASL
  • Practice your signing skills
  • Prepare for tests
  • And more!

Our Professional Start ASL Tutors

Serfiry Vicente

$10 Per Half Hour

Wagner Vicente

$10 Per Half Hour

Danielle Henderson

$13 Per Half Hour

Diane Caporale

$15 Per Half Hour

  • Hearing
  • Certification: TESOL Certificate | Advanced Certificate in Teaching Spanish | Advanced Certificate in Teaching ASL
  • Experience: ASL Interpreter | Municipal Court Interpreter | American Sign Language Teacher
  • Skills: Argentinean Sign Language | Ecuadorian Sign Language | Honduras Sign Language | Bolivian Sign Language
  • Diane Caporale’s Introduction Video
  • Schedule

April Glaspey

$15 Per Half Hour

Savannah Gillette

$16 Per Half Hour

Kim Bass

$20 Per Half Hour

  • Hearing
  • Education: MS Vocational Rehabilitation – Deafness | AAS Interpreter for the Deaf
  • Certification: National Interpreter Certification (NIC) | Certified Master Signing Time Instructor | World Languages – American Sign Language Certification from Ohio Department of Education
  • Experience: ASL Interpreter | American Sign Language Teacher | Master Signing Time Instructor
  • Kim Bass’ Introduction Video
  • Schedule

Krista Duffy

$20 Per Half Hour

  • Hearing
  • Education: 6 Years Advanced ASL Classes (University of New Hampshire at Manchester) | Immersion in Deaf Culture
  • Certification: Certified Baby Sign Language Instructor
  • Krista Duffy’s Introduction Video
  • Schedule

Lymari Ramos

$25 Per Half Hour

Michael Catron

$25 Per Half Hour

  • Deaf
  • Education: BS in Business | MS in College Student Development andCounseling
  • Experience: Native Signer | Deaf Studies – Interpreter Program | Interpreter Club of Northeastern University – Graduate Advisor
  • Michael Catron’s Introduction Video
  • Schedule