A man who saw beyond

December 15, 2015
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by Betsy

(Fort Collins, CO USA)

From what I have learned, I would say Abbe de L ‘Epee would have to be my favorite. because he saw beyond the title, notions, and ideas that had been set. He saw them as people. Devoting his life to reach out to this wonderful world of people that had been cast down for false reasons. He found that they where no different then him. He gave his life for theirs. I find that inspiring. I am learning ASL for I to have found a passion for these people. I desire to adopt children whom others have abandon and thrown out just because they are deaf. These are precious children who just need someone who loves them and lets them be them. Because of Abbe de L ‘Epee I will be able communicate with my children in way that they can feel free. First and foremost and for most I want them to know ASL from there is more up to them if they want to try anything or learn anything more. I will support them no matter what. Just like Abbe de L ‘Eppe supported the deaf. Thank you Abbe de L ‘Eppe for changing the lives of so many in your time and beyond your time! He gave his live for them, just as God gave His life for all and now I want to give my life for whom He has chosen.


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