Abbe Charles Michel de L’ Epee and Heather Whitestone

March 8, 2013
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by Brandy

(St. Cloud, Fl.)

I actually have two favorites. One being Abbe Charles de L’Epee because of his determination and compassion to open twenty-one free public schools for deaf children. Helping those in need and doing so with no expectations of money or rewards. He showed courage to stand up for what he believed in, to not be afraid of what others said or may have done to him because his opinion was so different than theirs.

He wore love on his chest like a bright shiny medal for all to see. He shared that love with those who had felt unloved and different, letting them know that he was a voice to the lost and that he would stand up for them and not give up nor let them down.

My second favorite is Heather Whitestone. In 1995 she showed America that being different was not so different at all–by winning the Miss America Pageant. She showed that you can achieve the impossible as long as you push yourself and never settle for no. She showed that if you can see it, you can achieve it–if you believe it, you can reach out and take it and to not let anyone tell you that you’re not capable of fulfilling your dreams no matter what they are.

She showed that you are a person just like everyone else and that you are beautiful just the way you are–that we are all the same and we all share one common factor and that is the capability to love and love unconditionally. So I say, be kind to one another, show love and compassion every chance you get. Never give up on yourself and love one another as well as yourselves for that is what really matters in the end.



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