Abbe Charles Michel de L’Epee

December 15, 2015
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by Danica


Abbe Charles Michel de L’Epee devoted his life to helping others who he could barely even communicate with at first. He decided it was his job and duty to help the people that society didn’t think it worth helping. Not only did he open a school to help and teach these children, but he allowed those children to help him in doing so. Instead of creating a new language all by himself and informing the children of their new language, he asked the children how they communicate with their families, allowing the deaf children of France to use signs they had been using and felt comfortable and confident about. Not only did he collaborate with these brilliant young minds to create something new and beautiful, but the school was also free, which no doubt helped the parents of these outcast children and gave some relief and comfort that their kids would be able to make new friends that they could really understand and trust. I grew up in a French immersion school and I have always been very proud to consider myself a part of French culture and now I am even more proud to know that something so amazing, kind and life changing happened thanks to Abbe Charles Michel de L’Epee, a strong French man. Without him, who knows what would have happened to all those children who relied on him, how he changed all their lives and many more that came after his time.


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