Abbe de L’Epee

May 8, 2015
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by Sharon Daniell

(Trinidad and Tobago )

My reason for choosing Abbe de L’Epee as my favorite Deaf historian has to do with the fact that he took the time to educate the Deaf people. The story of how he started is inspiring and makes for good story reading; that is the story of the two Deaf sisters. He had to be a compassionate and caring man to take the time to teach the sisters. De L’Epee could have stopped there but he continued to teach other deaf students. He took the time to study methods used before to teach other students and he even used his own methods. De L’Epee gave Deaf students a hope causing many of them to be educated from around the world. He offered free education which showed that he was selfless. He helped to put a format to sign language that would day be recognized. As said in the article on Deaf History he is considered the Father of the Deaf. I think he really fathered them and I am really glad to have read about him and how he helped the Deaf community. Imagine going so far as to establish 21 deaf schools. This shows that this man had a great heart for the underdog. He was a fantastic human being who helped his brother the way God wants us to help each other. I hope that there will be many more people like Abbe de Le’Epee who can champion the cause of the deaf. It is because of people like him that they have survived to become a people worthy of notice and be given their rights like any citizens of a free country.


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