Alexander Graham Bell

March 8, 2013
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by Anonymous

He is not my favorite. He is the one most interesting to me.

He is interesting because he had a deaf parent, married a deaf individual, and had deaf children yet he was so against the development of the deaf community.

I often wonder why he spent his whole life fighting to get rid of something that was a part of his life–his whole life. My theory is, with his invention of the phone, and him growing up among deaf individuals, he feared the hearing community would become extinct and his invention of the phone would become useless.

Regardless of the negative approach towards the deaf community, his negative behavior turned out to be positive overall. The deaf community now teaches oralism and ASL. The deaf community now has the NAD. The deaf community now has TTY or video phones and much more. On top of that the deaf community now has on record a foundation to learn and continue to grow from.

There is a saying in a rap song I love: “let ya haterz be your motivators.” That’s exactly what the deaf community has done and continues to do.


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