Andrew Foster

April 27, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Eric Hines Jr. (12/15/2016)

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in Educational Psychology, I plan working as a diverse learner for students in the elementary level. Some students with hearing loss would be enrolled in my class and it is important for me to communicate with them. I would not want my students to feel ostracized from others. A famous deaf individual that interested me was Dr. Andrew Foster. He was an African American deaf educator that highly influenced his cultural history and deaf history. Dr. Foster build many schools in Africa, helping to benefit deaf students. His major contributions positively impacted many different communities in Africa.

Dr. Andrew Foster made African American history by being the first African American student to graduate from Gallaudet University. This huge accomplishment granted Dr. Foster with recognition throughout the university. He was a member of the National Black Deaf Advocates (NBDA) and they funded a statue being built in his honor on the university. Not only was there a statue in his honor, but the Gallaudet named the auditorium after him because of the positive contributions he made. The school also introduced an educational scholarship in his honored called the Andrew Foster Scholarship.

The organization that Dr. Foster found was Christian Mission for the Deaf. The organization was primarily intended for Africans and there is a religious approach because of his beliefs. The objective of this specific organization is to support the spiritual and educational needs of deaf Africans. This is a great opportunity for deaf individuals. Dr. Andrew Foster primary goal was to make deaf people feel at ease and to be an advocate for deaf culture.