ASL Online: ASL 2 – Unit 2 Sample

In this unit sample of the ASL online classes, you will be learning about numeral incorporation.

Numeral Incorporation

Numeral incorporation means incorporating a number into a sign. Just like how you can use numeral incorporation for age and money numbers, you can use numeral incorporation with time signs.

For example, instead of signing THREE before the sign WEEK for three-WEEKS you would simply use the three-handshape as the handshape for your dominant hand while signing WEEK. Normally, you should only incorporate numbers up to the number 9. After that, you would sign the number first and then the sign.

Watch the video below to see some examples:

You can use numeral incorporation for signs such as WEEK, HOUR, MINUTE, YEAR, MONTH, and DAY. You can create signs such as three-WEEKS, two-WEEKS-future, three-MONTHS-ago, etc.

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