Baby Signing Time DVD Series

March 8, 2013
Category: Submitted Posts

by Ivory Henson

(Arizona, US)

As with the Signing Time DVD Series, the Baby Signing Time DVD Series is a great way to introduce american sign language to your little ones. These DVDs have fun songs and a lot of colorful images of babies and children playing that babies and toddlers love. They showcase signs that are useful in every day situations when playing with and communicating with your young child. As with her other Signing Time DVDs, Rachel, the host, continues to use the colored tape on her fingers. I have found that this is so helpful for me to be able to differentiate finger positions in various signs. The only draw back I can think of with these DVDs is the same problem with a lot of childrens’ DVDs, and that is that after a while the songs can get a bit annoying. Especially after being asked to replay the DVD numerous times and then listening to your child sing the songs around the house. But hearing the same songs over and over is part of the joy of having children.

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