Being hearing, is it okay to sign in public?

by Kali Wright

(New Jersey)

Actually the opposite of sharing my knowledge; I need someone else’s. Is it okay for me to sign or practice in public? I’m hearing and very quickly learning ASL and Deaf culture. I have a Deaf friend that I see about once a month and I get so emotionally satisfied when she tells me my signing has improved since the last time. I began learning to sign before knowing her. In Deaf culture, myself not being part of that community, is it acceptable for me to sign all of the time in public to practice all of the time? Or is that seen as culture appropriation?

Comments for Being hearing, is it okay to sign in public?

Jan 11, 2016

No idea

by: Kelly

However, I do on occassion. Especially when I am in the learning zone and really trying to remember things. I enjoy it and don’t really see the harm in it. I am also deaf in one ear and signing with my husband in loud places makes things way easier. I wish I would have learned this 13 years ago when I lost my hearing to begin with!


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