Start ASL 2 Online Course
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Start ASL 2 Online Course

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Course Overview

Start ASL 2 Online CourseStart ASL 2

Our ASL 2 course is full of advanced lessons that will target your grammar skills and help make you a more confident signer. 

This course is full of great grammar examples and includes 12 units covering:

    • Sentence types,
    • Time,
    • Duration,
    • Regularity,
  • Temporal aspect,
  • Classifiers,
  • Pluralization,
  • Distance,
  • Inflection,
  • Describing rooms, objects, and locations,
  • And more!

ASL 2 also includes:

  • Over 350 vocabulary and phrase videos,
  • Over 30 lesson videos,
  • Over 15 advanced activities and quizzes,
  • And 3 signing assignments for which you can receive instructor feedback with a Gold subscription.

You can read more about all of our amazing course features on this page: