The Best Deaf Education Book Recommendations

Educating the deaf is a hot topic, and these books are indispensable!

We have searched and searched for the best Deaf education books to share with you. The education of the deaf has always been a hot topic in the Deaf community, and learning the ins and outs of this education is very important. We have checked out these books and read their reviews. Sadly, there aren’t that many good ones out there. But, we can say that the ones listed below are recommended:

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There’s no denying it–most sign language books are large and bulky. If you plan on being able to carry these books with you and learn on the go, we highly recommend picking up a Kindle from Amazon. The Kindle is very reasonably priced, includes wireless internet, and makes book buying extremely easy. If you see a “Buy now! Amazon Kindle” button next to any of the books below, that means the book can be on your Kindle, ready to read, in minutes. Pick one up today and you won’t regret it! 🙂
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The Best Deaf Education Books

Educating Deaf Students: From Research to Practice (Paperback)

This book is a fantastic resource about deaf education, the needs and strengths of deaf children, and the successful (and unsuccessful) teaching methods used in deaf education. This book is a must-have for any deaf educator and especially for parents of deaf children. Highly recommended!
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Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education (Paperback)

If you are interested in teaching the Deaf, then this book is for you. It was a required book for my Deaf Learner class, and we highly recommend it! Teaching two languages at once is not easy, and this book will help you implement, administer, evaluate, and maintain dual language programs.
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Manual Communication: Implications for Education (Hardcover)

This book looks at manual communication and goes into detail about the various sign systems used to education deaf children today. You will learn about American Sign Language, Pidgin Sign, Signing Exact English, Signed English, Cued Speech, and more. There are also success results that show how successful various forms of manual communication are in different settings. We highly recommend this book for educators of the Deaf!
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Disabling Pedagogy: Power, Politics, and Deaf Education (Hardcover)

This book is well researched and provides a look at the education of deaf children and how it can be improved to show better results–results that equate deaf children with their hearing peers. Deaf children need a high level of education and this book provides research into the different methods. We highly recommend this book for the deaf educator.
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Jumpstart – The Resource Guide for Parents with Developmentally Delayed Children (Paperback)

This book is about coping with Developmentally Delayed Children. There are many different kinds of developmental delays and there is a broad spectrum. The purpose of this book is not to address specific medical issues. Instead it has been written to provide encouragement for parents, like the author, who are trying to find their way on the broad road of childhood conditions. Growth is not necessarily standard in children, especially in our children. The author sincerely believes the timetable that they follow is their own. If you have found your child to be developmentally delayed, this is a great support book.
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I know, I know, this list is disappointingly short. Please help us add more books to this list!

If you have a favorite deaf education book that is not mentioned on this page, please share in the comments below!

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