Deaf Father and Son

by Mike Kahler


My father and my son are both deaf. Neither of them sign they both read lips. My father has no assistance devises my son has a cochlear implant. I have discussed many times I would like all 3 of us to learn ASL. I think it would open a whole new world to both myself and my family members. My son does know how to read other people’s sign he just doesn’t sign himself. I don’t want to force them to learn ASL I just want the best for them and think it would greatly help them to communicate.

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Feb 05, 2016

Just Start

by: Lisa

When I met my husband he read lips. Never learned ASL. His mom learned very little SEE sign, but that was his only exposure to anything non hearing. He grew up in a very small town. When I was dating him I was taking beginning ASL at a community college. I would show him what i was learning and my excitement about it was catchy. Because I was enjoying it and exposing him to my learning without pushing it on him. Just sharing because I loved it. He ended up being interested and sitting in on some classes with me and started helping me practice. I was top of my class, study ,study, study and He would sit in class with me once, in two weeks and remember EVERYTHING.
I guess my point is if you enjoy it, others around you will naturally be interested and it can spark interest. Possibly from their point of view… It’s very scary to be willing to embark on something that potentially could change your entire life but when another does it your close too, it becomes much less scary.


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