Deaf people sometimes rude to new signers

by Nancy

I love sign language. I am hard of hearing and a student of ASL. I can sign fairly well and love to do it but find when I am around deaf people I am afraid to sign because they correct me constantly and even laugh at me. I find this very rude and not productive at all. I am teaching my family and friends to sign with me but would love to branch out into volunteer work with the deaf… but I’m afraid because of this issue.

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Jul 16, 2014

I disagree


by: Anonymous

I have a Deaf coworker who has taught most of our area ASL. I’m still struggling after only a year, but when I sign something wrong, I’m glad that he corrects me, even if it’s a stupid mistake. I equate it to learning a second language to fluency: you’ll make a mistake and the native speakers will help you with the word or context. I sometimes get embarrassed, but he always smiles and lets me review.

Jan 26, 2014

new signers

by: Anonymous

I have been told when I was first learning that my head is hard. Honestly from their body language they are happy you are trying to learn. Please don’t try to bend them to conform to your culture you will lose too much. Deaf and their culture is awesome. Try to learn and accept. Learning a new language you need to accept being laughed at and please laugh at yourself.

Jul 28, 2013

Not rude

by: Liz

I know it might be rude to you but it is normal to them. You have to know the culture and role with it. Like dating someone from another race you have to educate yourself in their culture or you will not survive in it. Same here. Dont get frustrated or you will never learn.

Jun 17, 2013

That is normal

by: Anonymous


Do not be afraid to get picked on, that is very common and normal within Deaf culture to pick on each other. If you want to work with the Deaf people, you will have to get rid of your “hearing” mindset that this is rude and accept it from a Deaf viewpoint as social-binding with others. Laugh with them and pick on them back. Otherwise, you will never be able to reach out to them properly.

Mar 02, 2013

Please stop it

by: Carole

I would say, “Please stop laughing. I’m still learning. It would be more helpful if you corrected me without laughing. That’s rude don’t you think?”


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