The Best ASL Resources and Deaf Products on the Market

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Great sign language products are hard to come by. There are tons of ASL books, software, and videos out there, but are they all really that good? No, not really.

We have searched for the best products to recommend to you. We have checked them out and read their reviews. We want to make sure that you get the best products so you are able to learn the most accurate and important information possible. We have compiled these lists of the products that we recommend.

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Signing Time Videos

by Amber Waite (Utah, US) These videos have been a great way to help both my deaf and hearing children learn signs. It’s been great to help my hearing children to communicate with their sister and also to help my deaf daughter to be able to identify more things through sign. The signs are presented […]

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Religious Signing by Elaine Costello, Ph.D.

by Rebecca Wenger (PA, US) A Religious ASL dictionary? Really? Yep. As the front cover claims, Elaine Costello’s Religious Signing is “the first and only interdenominational guide to Religious Signing”. Look for the most recently revised and updated version, published in 2009. It contains a generous introduction that covers topics which include the influence of […]

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Sign Me A Story: Sign Language Fun for Everyone – video

by Amber Waite (Utah, US) This video stars Linda Bove, who has been on Sesame Street many times. She is a deaf actress and she says in the introduction to the video that as a child she always wanted a story signed to her. So she wants to accomplish that in the video. I love […]

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The American Sign Language Phrase Book

by Roberta Cooke (PA, US) I have just begun learning American Sign Language but I have found that The American Sign Language Phrase Book by Lou Fant and illustrated by Betty G. Miller (published by Contemporary Books), to be a fun and useful book. The book includes chapters such as: Everyday Expressions, Signing and Deafness, […]

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Sign Language Illustrated by Winchester Booth Communications

by Debra Stephens (Quebec, Canada) I really like this booklet it is small, 4 x 9 inches and 25 pages long. It offers over 200 signs and is not very large to take along with me in the car or on the bus. Its’ mission is communication. It offers easy to learn illustrated signs of […]

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A Basic Course in American Sign Language – book

by Amber Waite (Utah, US) This book was recommended as the manual for my American Sign Language class at the School for the Deaf in St. George Utah. I really appreciate the vocabulary of the book, but even more I feel that the grammatical guide has been the most helpful in guiding me as I […]

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Signing: How To Speak with Your Hands by Elaine Costello

by Rebecca Wenger (PA, US) To those learning American Sign Language, it can never hurt to have several ASL dictionaries. In doing so, you can confirm signs, examine different forms of a sign, and recognize the slight tweaks that different states may place on a sign. This dictionary is one that you should defiantly consider […]

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American Sign Language Dictionary

by Roberta Cooke (PA, US) Martin L.A. Sternberg’s, American Sign Language Dictionary is an excellent resource. The revised edition, copyrighted in 1998 and published by Harper Perennial (Harper Collins Publishers, Inc.) states that it contains over 1,500 new illustrations. I recently started studying ASL and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I wanted to purchase […]

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American Sign Language Interpreter Training Receptive Skills Practice Volume 1

by Robin Brenner (Alaska, US) I really enjoy using this DVD for working on receptive skills. I think it’s good for anyone who’s learning ASL or wanting to become an interpreter. It’s really helpful because it’s broken down into chapters that are easy to follow at your own pace. There are many useful activities to […]

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Baby Signing Time DVD Series

by Ivory Henson (Arizona, US) As with the Signing Time DVD Series, the Baby Signing Time DVD Series is a great way to introduce american sign language to your little ones. These DVDs have fun songs and a lot of colorful images of babies and children playing that babies and toddlers love. They showcase signs […]

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Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley and James P. Spradley with an epilogue by Lynn Spradley

by Rebecca Wenger (PA, US) “Deaf kids are just as smart as hearing kids. With sign language, deaf kids can do anything.” Said by Lynn Spradley. While she can say that now, it was a long journey in getting there. Deaf Like Me is written in a story form that sweeps you into the traumatic […]

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Talking With Your Hands Listening With Your Eyes

by Kristin McGinnis (California, US) I added this to my materials for my ASL 1/2 class. The book itself is set up in logical chapters with short articles interwoven throughout. What I really like is that they not only have the “master” word, but other words that have the same meaning, which cuts down a […]

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