Do and not do

by Marvin Spencer

(Redlands,CA, USA)

I’m a hard of hearing person who entered the hearing world with this loneliness of being deaf. To others, yelling is not an option and making fun of others without understanding is not worth doing.

Others should try to understand other languages than just their own language. Getting into the deaf world would bring understanding. Talk to others like you would like to be talked to. Unlike when one deaf person was signing to a hearing person then another hearing person pops up and changes the whole subject or news by speaking and not sharing it with their deaf friend. That is just plain rude.

Let me turn the table around and say a deaf person was speaking to a hearing person and then a deaf person pops up and changes the subject or news. And you were the hearing person watching two people sign to each other and you had no clue what they were signing. How does it feel to be left out without knowing another language but English? I personally know how it feels.

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Jan 04, 2013

but… what about what I want to say….


by: Julie

I know what it is to be left out. I can hear, and I don’t miss a thing… it’s the other side that causes me trouble. If I want to chip in, nobody knows ASL, and doesn’t want to take the moment to wait while I write.
I’m not one to brag, but I’m very intelligent with a lot of ideas. Most people don’t know this because they refuse to listen with anything but their ears.

I can’t talk. Since when does that mean I can’t think.


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