Do’s and don’ts with the deaf

by B.J.

(Columbus, Ohio)

Treat them how you want to be treated.If you were the one deaf would you want someone to ask your friend what you wanted. They can talk they just do it in a different way from the hearing. I was brought up not by deaf people but the blind and people would always ask me how my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, or cousin were when they would be right in front of me and the person talking and I would always say don’t know ask that person that would be with me at the time. I work in a grocery store where a deaf school is and I get all ages of deaf including senior citizens and I would always try to talk to them and not know they were deaf they would sign that they are deaf so would sign to them and let them know I am learning ASL and they try to understand me and they are most always patient with me.

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Aug 02, 2010

“in their shoes” helps

by: Mike Phillips

I agree whole heartedly. Someone who is deaf needs to be thought of and interacted with as we would anyone else, just with any necessary “aid” that might be needed. It helps me when I am faced with communicating with anyone with a disability to interact as I do with someone without obvious disabilities: Just like I would want if I were in their shoe(s). Three things help me: 1)remembering we ALL have disabilities, some are just more obvious or difficult at times to accomadate. 2)putting myself in their shoes – would I appreciate being approached and knowing they want to communicate? 3)Remembering that their disability changes nothing about them (their feelings, desires, needs, etc.) other than some obstacle that may need accomadating.
Sorry to rattle on but THANK you for your post.


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