Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell

March 8, 2013
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by Anonymous


I chose Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Alice Cogswell as my favorite people from Deaf history.

Why did I chose both instead of just one? Well the answer is simple really. Gallaudet made such a huge impact in Deaf history, but would this ever of really took off without Alice there to make him become so pasionate about teaching the Deaf? For Gallaudet to realize how smart Alice was she must have done something to catch his eye.

She showed how much she knew without being properly educated to start with well just how much could she understand about the world when she was educated. Then Gallaudet not only decided to educate her but left America and traveled over seas to learn the best and most effective way to teach her.

Alice must have been pretty special to Gallaudet for him to leave his home and go to a foreign place where he knows no one just so that he could give her the education he thought she deserved. Without Gallaudet’s passion to give Alice an education and not only an education, the best one she could get, then where would Deaf America be today?

Education would have made it over here eventually but would ASL be so widely used as it is today or would we all be learning a different type of sign and would we even have the acknowledgement that ASL is a language yet or would that have been set back years as well?

So you can’t really have Gallaudet’s progress in Deaf history without him getting to know the wonderful person Alice must have been.


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