Dr. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

March 8, 2013
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by Holly


Here is a man that went to great lengths to educate a child that was not even his own. A child that most people would not have taken the time to bother with as it would have been difficult to communicate with her. How did he know she was bright? He must have taken the time to spend with her, trying to communicate with her.

I am a great believer that all children are born bright, they are all born geniuses. Whether they are encouraged to their full potential depends heavily on people like Gallaudet who recognize this fact and take the time to educate them properly.

He reminded me of Glenn Doman – a pioneer in educating and developing brain injured children, a person who went to great lengths at personal cost in order to make the lives of those less fortunate better and more normal. Not only did Gallaudet help this little girl, he also helped many other children after what he had learned. How many other people would like to help but don’t? Have good intentions but do not follow through? Many of us I’m sure.

I am sure his part in American Sign Language history is an important one as the founder of educating Deaf children in America.


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