Edward Miner Gallaudet

June 29, 2017
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By: Kanesha Gittens (08/27/16)

I chose to do my paper on Edward Miner Gallaudet. The reason I chose Gallaudet was because we have the same birthday. That had me interested and finding out more about him.  He was an extraordinary man who had a dream of doing more in life. Which for some years he figured out had happened to follow in his father shoes. In 1855 he had worked at his father’s school. A few years later a man by the name of Amos Kendall asked Gallaudet to lead a school with him. Kendall had donated 2 acres of his land to form a school. The Columbia Institution of the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind. In 1864 Gallaudet had wanted the school to be an institute where they could give diplomas. Gallaudet was so passionate about it that he went to President Lincoln to have him pass a bill where they could do so. Almost 100 years later they changed the name to Gallaudet College named after Edwards’s father. Then some years later they changed the name again, it changed to the Gallaudet University. It’s amazing how these two men had come together not only to make a useful school where students could learn but to have it now be the only University in the world to be for the deaf and blind.