Father of the deaf

December 15, 2015
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by Stacey Neifert


My favorite historical figure is of course Abbe de L’Epee I will admit I don’t know much about the deaf community, culture or history aside from what I have learned during this online class. every time I find myself doing a reading assignment I’m almost in tears learning in detail about this incredibly rich history this is especially so reading about Abbe de L’Epee. learning how he was so inspired to teach those two sisters about religion after he found out they were deaf and soon after he dedicated his entire life to not just teaching the deaf but learning from them. when he first opened a free public school for the deaf something that really stood out to me as I’m reading about this man is when it said the students signed at home and then would go to school and teach Abbe de L’Epee the signs and he would use them in his teachings. He truly is the father of the deaf I know hardly anything about this man aside from a short few paragraphs but I can really feel the respect he had for each person he taught and learned from. I can not wait to learn more about him, his impact on so many people, and deaf history!


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