Fingerspelling Hangman

by Anonymous

Most teachers already know this one. In fact, I am sure I learned it when I was a newbie student myself.

1. Set up the board, powerpoint, overhead, etc. (whatever you got) just like a hangman word.

2. No one, not even the instructor, is allowed to use their voice.

3. Students raise their hands to be “called” (i.e.: pointed at).

4. Each student holds up in the air (so that everyone can see) the letter being guessed.

5. If the letter is in the word, it gets placed.

6. If the letter is not in the word, it gets written on the side of the puzzle and a piece of the ‘man’ is drawn.

7. Make sure every student gets at least one guess.

8. First person to guess the word (either by signing the word or fingerspelling the entire word) or guess the last blank letter in the puzzle correctly, wins the round and becomes the next hangman leader.

9. Make sure every student gets a chance to be the leader, however you choose to do that. (I have repeated winners pick the next leader who has not yet gone).

Note: Themes, chapters in the book being used may be the “category” for all hangman words.


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