Gallaudet and Deaf President Now

June 4, 2013
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by Janiece


My favorite people are those deaf individuals that stood up at Gallaudet and demanded a Deaf president. They risked their freedom, their future, and their reputation for what they believed in. I feel it is inspiring to learn about a group of people who pull together to do the hard, but right thing and hold on through whatever comes. I am still learning about that moment in time at Gallaudet, so I don’t know all the details. I can only imagine how a university of Deaf individuals would naturally want a university president that understands more clearly what it is like to walk in their steps and face their shared struggles. I was surprised to learn this was the chain of events for Gallaudet. I assumed incorrectly that those helping to start the university would have made it a priority from the beginning to have Deaf individuals leading the university. This article has sparked my curiosity to learn more and understand more clearly how Gallaudet and the Deaf culture continues to change. The moment of people coming together for a moral and true cause is a legacy that I want my daughter to learn from and see in me and so many others that have the heart and faith to stand up when our fear wants us to sit down.


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