Helen Keller

July 20, 2017
Category: Submitted Posts

By: Mia Hackett (10/11/2016)

I personally think that Helen Keller was pretty amazing. On top of being deaf she was blind, yet she was still able to impact the many generations following her, that is incredible!

I’m taking an Acting Intensive class; a part of the class is learning how to use your five senses to the best of our abilities. Just going through that course as well as this one is really getting me to think about what is would be like to not hear. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is listening to music. Music for me holds such importance that I cannot even being to think what it would be like to now be able to hear it. What a way to live!

The fact that Helen was able to find joy in life even though she was unable to take part in the many beautiful things that we as humans can do, I find that absolutely amazing. And it’s encouraging really, she had no hearing, no sight, and she found a way to be happy. She lived her life to the fullest and she enjoyed every minute.

We as humans can be so selfish at times. We go about complaining, we actually have the gall to talk about just how sad and depressing our lives are. What would it be like if we couldn’t see color? If we couldn’t hear the sound of someone saying “I love you.” We need to all take a step back and see just how blessed we truly are. That is why Helen Keller is my favorite deaf person apart of history.