Helen Keller + Annie Sullivan

August 27, 2015
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by H.M. Wilson


Although Helen Keller was not the first deaf-blind student to be educated, I still feel inspired when I read the story about how she and Annie Sullivan established a relationship based on learning. Their special teacher-student relationship has always been one of my favorite tales, because it shows me that anyone can teach & anyone can learn.

On Sullivan and Keller’s first day of work together, it probably seemed unlikely that one day young Keller would graduate with honors and become an inspiration to people everywhere. Annie and Helen both probably had doubts at different times, but as a team they pushed through any difficulties and doubts they encountered, and together they proved the world wrong–deaf people are different, but certainly not less.

Annie and Helen both show me that everyone has something to teach, everyone has something to learn, and all of us have thing that we can share in common, no matter our differences. On bad days, I sometimes feel that I have nothing special to give, that I will never be able to learn anything new, or that no one understands me. But through the Keller-Sullivan story, and by God’s amazing grace, I am shown the infinite possibilities of teaching, learning, and adding to the beauty of the world we live in today.


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