Helen Keller: Limitless

January 9, 2015
Category: Submitted Posts

by Kiley Jensen

(Ferron, UT, United States)

Imagine finally breaking down a wall in your life that allowed you to see that you weren’t nearly as limited as you had once thought. Imagine the new possibilities that lie before you, and imagine showing that to numerous people who would follow, inspiring them to be something greater. To me that’s what Helen Keller did. She pushed past the barriers that others created for her and became a highly respected figure.

She has given hope to countless others, whether or not they’re deaf or blind. Her persistence seems to say don’t be defined by what others perceive you to be. Why put limits on ourselves because that’s what others expect? Just because those around you don’t think you can be great doesn’t make it truth. Look at all those she’s inspired to keep going, when all the odds seemed to be stacked against you to keep pushing on.

She’s shown that the things that have the possibilities of being our greatest weaknesses, which drag us down, can in fact be our greatest strengths, which give us the wings to soar beyond even our own expectations.

So here remains the question, what barriers are you allowing to remain, whether created by you or others, that are keeping you from your true potential?


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