Helen Keller

March 7, 2014
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by Haylee

(Minnesota )

Helen Keller is so inspirational. With being blind and deaf she managed to go to school and go to college and graduated with honors. That’s amazing to me.

Hard work really pays off and it shows. She knew she could do it and she worked hard to get there. That makes me believe that I can do the same. I can make it through school and maybe even go to college. I just have to work hard and it will pay off. Knowing what she did is such an inspiration. It’s very encouraging. I believe in myself because of her because I know if she can do that I surely can.

She also wrote books. It’s unbelievable. I would have thought that would be impossible but that has really opened my eyes. Having people like that who never give up is a great environment to be in. When I’m with people who never give up it makes me never want to give up. It’s admirable. I believe more people should be like her. If someone tells you you can’t, prove them wrong! Show them you can. You have the power to choose how to live your life. Are you going to just sit there and let it fly by thinking you can’t do anything or are you going to make something of your self and do the impossible!


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