Helen Keller

September 22, 2014
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by Tina Herrera

(Hagerstown, Maryland Washinghton)

For my assignment of who I consider my favorite deaf person I would have to say it is hands down HELEN KELLER.

I think not only her deafness at first was her trial of life but her blindness as well for she had both at the same time. She was burden with two challenges in life that could have kept her from wanting to achieve her goals and normal acts of life. Not only was she determined to rise above all the obstacles in life but she was an inspiration to millions of people not just the deaf but the blind as well as the rest of the world. She achieved a lot while she lived a life of two challenges being blind and deaf but still was able to achieve the following: she became an american author, a political activist and lecturer, she published 12 books, devoted 40 years to help the blind and deaf.

She did not allow her illness when she was a baby to define the person she set out to become. She did not let it stop her or the devotion she had in her heart of learning and achieving the impossible. Not only would I consider her a miracle child but an outstanding role model to many others with the challenges she to had to face in life. I don’t like saying people are either cursed or born with handicap disabilities because in a way you are down grading there personality or abilities. I think that God does not curse or give disabilities out to his children just some challenges in life that they may or may not be able to achieve.

All people should not be discriminated for what they can and can not do for this world is not perfect and people are born differently. Just because some people may not evolve like many others does not mean they are disabled it just means that they have to learn to do things differently than others. I don’t think that is a disability I think it is just a concept of new learning and forms of knowledge.

There is so much I can go on about deaf culture and the traditions for it has taught me that life experiences are more true to the heart than just learning and involving one self into the life of the deaf. For understanding the true challenge in life trials gives you a whole new concept and emotions that they lived with day by day. People can say they understand how deaf people feel but I don’t think that’s all true, but everyone’s belief is different. Deaf people and deaf culture is unique but a hearing world will never be able to grasp the concept of their real emotions just able to deal with it in forms of knowledge and learning their ways of communication.

As long as the world is open to learn new things in new ways then there is no need to label people as handicap or disabled. That is all for this essay but know this many deaf, blind, or mentally challenge people in this world become great leaders as well as great role models never underestimate them for they will surprise you and rise above all obstacles in their path.


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