Helen Keller

February 4, 2015
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by Barbara Baker

My favorite person is Helen Keller and she was independent and she is the most famous deaf and blind person. She went to college and she was the first one to graduate from college and she graduated with honors. She bet her disability. She has taken the credit before Laura Bridgman. She was almost married. Helen cared for all people who were like her and she is on the state quarter. A quote from Helen Keller: “The few own the many because they possess the means of livelihood of all … The country is governed for the richest, for the corporations, the bankers, the land speculators, and for the exploiters of labor. The majority of mankind are working people. So long as their fair demands the ownership and control of their livelihoods are set at naught, we can have neither men’s rights nor women’s rights. The majority of mankind is ground down by industrial oppression in order that the small remnant may live in ease.” – Helen Keller (Wikipedia). Helen wrote a total of 12 published books and several articles. She was inducted into the Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame in 1971. A member of the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, she campaigned for women’s suffrage, labor rights, socialism, and other similar causes.


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