Helen Keller

July 20, 2015
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by Andrea


Helen Keller is my favorite historical figure. This is because she tried her hardest even though she had tough obstacles. She was able to learn without being able to see or hear. She also had to find a new way to learn that only involved three out if five of her senses. How did she communicate? How did she learn? I do not know, but I do know it was hard. With sign language you have to be able to see yourself and the person your talking to, so she didn’t have the option to speak sign language. Another thing is that you kind of need to be able to hear yourself when you talk or when your learning to talk, so she could not talk either. I have no idea how she communicated, or if she communicated at all. I can not imagine how hard that was. I guess what I wrote does not have much to do with the overall topic, but she was part of the history and should be remembered. I respect Helen Keller and she inspires me to try harder. I hope she inspires other people as well. Especially if they have disabilities no matter what they are. And that is why Helen Keller is my favorite historical figure.


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