Helen Keller

March 23, 2016
Category: Submitted Posts

by Addy

(Pennsyvania )

My favorite is Helen Keller. She seems so real, not like a far away historical person. I’ve read books about, and she sounds normal. I would go crazy if I couldn’t hear nor see and couldn’t understand people that long.

I have a hole in my ear drum, and recently I felt as if my hearing was starting to decline. Hey, I’m only eleven and this crazy hearing journey started right before kindergarden. I had a surgery to get tubes in my ears, and have my adiniodes and tonsils removed. When the right tube came out, it left a hole in my ear drum. My left ear was fine, but my right ear now had hearing loss. Before first grade, I had another surgery. This time, they took carlige from my right ear to make a “patch” over my hole. There is only a small scar there today. In Augest 2015, I needed another surgery to replace the patch. They took more cartilage from my left ear, but messed up. I have a small bit of my left outer ear missing. I feel lately it’s getting harder to hear, but there’s nothing I can do.


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