Helen Keller

March 8, 2013
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by Hannah


My favorite deaf person has definitely got to be Helen Keller. She was not only deaf, she was also blind, too, and was amazingly able to learn how to read people’s lips by feeling them move. She was also able to learn to talk by feeling the vibrations that came from a person’s throat and repeating them herself.

That a deaf and blind woman, who when she was a little girl would have so much trouble communicating, would grow into a woman who learned to read lips, talk, and communicate with other people is a cool thing to know. As I learned about her, I discovered that as she was growing up, she had quite a few goals such as learning to talk, entering college, etc.

So, not only did Helen Keller learn many things that were thought to be impossible (such as talking, etc.), but by studying very hard, she actually got to enter college and ended up graduating. Back in Helen Keller’s time, many people thought that blind and deaf people could not be educated. Well, Helen Keller successfully proved that all the people who thought this, were incorrect. Helen Keller, although she was both deaf and blind, led a happy, productive life.


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