how to sign December holidays in ASL

How to sign different December holidays in American Sign Language (ASL)

December is full of holidays! 😄 Since some of these December holidays may be part of our lives, these ASL signs are important to know as a beginner when having a conversation. We’ve shared a video to learn how to sign December, holiday, and a few different December holidays!


We also have Yule and Winter Solstice! Yule is commonly fingerspelled; however, there might be a sign for it. To sign Winter Solstice, you sign WINTER and fingerspell SOLSTICE. There is also may be a sign for it.

📅❄️ December 

With your dominant hand, use the ASL manual alphabets and fingerspell D-E-C 

🎄🎅🕎 👪🏾 🕯️Holiday 

With both hands, form 5-handshapes with palms facing each other while poking your upper chest area with the tips of your thumbs. Move both hands in opposite motion from your upper chest.

🎅 🎄👪Christmas 

With your dominant hand, form C-handshape and move it toward you, and ends with your palm upward (which is still in a C handshape).

🕎 ✡️Hanukkah

With both hands, form 4-handshapes with the palms facing forward together in the center of your signing space, and then make a downward-upward motion that represents the candles.

👪🏾 ❤️🖤💚🕯️ Kwanzaa

With both hands, form 1-handshapes with the fingers facing forward together in the center of your signing space, and then make a downward-upward motion (which represents the candles) and change it to 3 handshapes. 

🌟✨Happy Holidays!

With your dominant hand, form a flat 5-handshape with your palm facing toward your chest. Move your hand toward your chest and do a circular motion. You can “slap” your chest or move your hand very close to your chest. You can use both hands to sign “Happy” too. And then sign “Holidays”!

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